Thursday, March 2, 2006

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones


Am I the only one feeling kinda lost without the Olympics on every night?

I’ve gotten used to seeing the “Flying Tomato” and wondering if he’s going to be able to talk Sasha into talking to him. And what about Apollo? And the war between Chad and Shani?

Oh, and let’s not forget the amazing things we saw these athletes do! We watched in complete and utter amazement while the guys and girls jumped off the equivalent of 20-story buildings and stretched out almost parallel to their skis and floated down those same 20 stories.

Or the guys and girls who did the aerials on skis. Granted they only jumped off lifts about five stories high, but they also jumped high and performed contortions of every kind while flying above that same five stories of snow.

This was the first time I’d watched snowboarding and I think I could really become interested in that! I can (almost) see myself flying up and down a half pipe and laughing like a loon! I can see myself in a hospital bed if I ever did fly up and down a half pipe!

Italy put on a beautiful show for these winter Olympics and I was so proud that my favorite food is Italian and several of my favorite singers (Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli) are Italian, so I had at least some claim to that country.

For 17 nights now, I’ve been glued to the television, staying up way past my normal bedtime and watching over 2,500 athletes from 84 different nations “play” in the snow and ice while I sat in my recliner and hand-quilted.

I have to wait two years now, until the Summer Olympics in Bejing, China. Hmmmmnnn, I love Chinese food....

• Another addiction that I managed to work on during the Olympics was quilting.

It was quite cozy watching the Olympics with a quilt spread out in my lap. I had hoped that I could finish this particular quilt in time for the quilt exhibit during Pilgrimage, but I don’t think I’m fast enough.

For those who haven’t heard final details yet, Milton Winter and the First Presbyterian Church have very graciously offered us the education building to hang quilts in during Pilgrimage.

There will not be a charge to see the exhibit and no, we’re not going to sell a single one of these quilts!

Jointly sponsored by the Marshall County Extension Service and The South Reporter, we have already been promised several antique and brand new quilts. Also on display will be Milton’s great-grandmother’s quilts, along with the quilt top that joins three families across 50 years or more.

If you have a quilted item you’d loan us, we’d sure love to have it. Please call Linda, at The South Reporter, 252-4261 or Janet or Mary at the Extension office, 252-3541.

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