Thursday, March 2, 2006

Holly Springs board mulls fee structure, ordinances

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The fee structures for water and sewer hookups and replacement, and ordinances dictating what types of materials may be used to replace sewer mains, were taken up by the Holly Springs mayor and board of aldermen last week.

A uniform ordinance pertaining to parking vehicles on yards and on streets is also under discussion.

The side-yard parking ordinance was tabled following discussions involving Mayor Andre’ DeBerry and the police department because Dwight Reed, city code enforcer, was not present at the meeting.

DeBerry said police are to write citations for illegal parking off driveways only after citizens are given enough time to correct parking violations.

“Citations are the last step in the process,” he said.

Some citations for violations of parking violations on side yards and streets take as long as two years to clear the court docket, DeBerry said.

“That’s because some people don’t show up to court,” DeBerry said. “And some people say they moved their car. But they didn’t call Dwight.”

Reed apparently has the final say as to whether citizens are compliant after a notification from Reed.

“If they don’t get it done, they would have to come to court,” the mayor said.

Aldermen said certain areas are more prone than others to have vehicles parked off driveways or on streets. Sometimes visitors’ cars are cited, causing problems, too.

The need to act on policies and standards for gas/water/sewer construction was brought up by Don Hollingsworth with public works.

The fee structures today do not reflect what it costs the city to provide services to the door, Hollingsworth said. And materials for sewer connections have changed and need to be brought up to today’s standards, he said.

Policies would provide instructions on how to lay service lines and what materials to use.

“We no longer allow lead pipe, or soil and clay pipe,” said Hollingsworth. “We now put in schedule 40 plastic pipe.”

Holly Springs Utility Department charges $15 for a gas meter hookup and $125 for 4-inch sewer line.

“We can’t buy the material for that amount,” Hollingsworth said.

The mayor suggested putting off discussion of the policies and standards for gas/water/sewer until March.

In other city business, the board:

  • learned more about the city’s website. The mayor and board of aldermen will have a page where they can offer messages to the public and change messages themselves, according to IT director Ken Robinson.

    He said the technology center has been selected as a regional testing center for professional certification and teacher certification.

    Alderman Tim Liddy asked whether funds spent to set up the IT Center would prohibit the city from relocating the center.

    Robinson said the funds for renovation of the facility were site specific only because the city building was available and a good use of existing space.

  • approved Elliott and Britt Engineering to provide professional services for the Chatham Heights sewer replacement project.
  • discussed high-density residential type dwellings for the new medical center/hospital complex development area.
  • approved purchase of two tractors and two mowers for building and grounds.
  • approved appointments to the airport management committee. Bill York, Ken Robinson, Mike Clarkson, Russell Johnson and Warren Callicutt will be offered appointments.

The next meeting of the Holly Springs Board of Aldermen is set for March 7 at 5:30 p.m. The public is invited to attend.

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