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Dale Hollingsworth

Congratulations to Shawnda Rogers and Joey Allen on arrival of new baby

Congratulations to Shawnda Rogers and Joey Allen on the arrival of their new baby daughter, Alexis Marie; she was born Feb. 13 at 5:45 in Baptist Memorial Hospital, Union County. Shawnda is the daughter of Debbie Rogers and Joe Rogers.

Joey is the son of Virginia and Billy Allen. Great-grandparents are Sadie Rogers and Donald Rogers of Pontotoc and Virginia Hunsucker of Potts Camp.

Jimmy Hollingsworth, my older son, of Tupelo, visited me on Tuesday. I was happy to see him; he is doing so much better after having surgery several months ago. I am thankful.

I am suffering from arthritis during the bad weather. I pray that God will help me and others who have it.

David Brower, former Potts Camp banker, continues to be very ill in Tupelo Hospital. Please pray for him also.

Randy Harville had recent surgery in Tupelo hospital. He is the brother of Kathy Clayton, wife of Roger Clayton.

Happy birthday to Chad Mayer and Cody Gadd on March 1; also to Sherry Colhoun on March 3; to a special friend, Mary Minor on March 4; to Allyson Pipkin on March 5; and Pat Goode on March 6; to Laverne Nelson Provost on March 5.

Happy birthday to my niece, Pam Qualls of Saltillo on March 8. She is the daughter of my late brother, Rev. Charles L. (Lindy) Potts. Also to Sylvia Phillips on March 11, and Wendy Westmoreland on March 12.

Junior Redding, son of Francis and Andrea Redding, was rushed to Oxford Hospital on last Friday night. He had a heart catheterization on Monday. Pray for him!

Friends Thurman and Diane Clayton are better. We hope they continue to get well.


I. “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

II. A row of lovely, yellow jonquils near my fence is opening up; they always remind me that spring and Easter are not far away. My mother planted them several years before her death; and the memory of her and my dad are very special. She taught me that God is watching over me, and about Jesus and the cross. Daddy always said the blessing three times a day as the family sat around the large dinner table. We were taught to pray.

III. In today’s world there are so many temptations for young people, and so much sin in the world, parents have a huge job teaching their children to live a Christian life. Some people try to leave God out of everything. We earnestly pray that they can be stopped. Prayer changes things!

Recent guests of mine were friends Pat Westmoreland, town librarian; Louise Pruitt and daughter, Bonnie Gurley; and my grandson, David Hollingsworth of Palmetto, near Tupelo. He is the only grandchild I have that has taken a great interest in the life of my great-grandfather, Colonel E.F. Potts, first town settler. He has a desk with records he has collected at courthouses in Marshall and Benton counties. He is traveling old roads near here when not at work to find the old Turnpike Road that Colonel Potts built, and also he visited old cemeteries.

I really enjoyed Bettye Rose Jones and her sister, Kathryn’s visit. Kathryn Jones Scarbrough of Houston, Tx., has retired recently as an airline stewardess after many years. Their parents, Harry and Rose Jones, were wonderful Potts Camp residents for many years. He owned a business here for 65 years; people called him if there was an emergency in town. Rose was a school teacher until retirement and a Sunday school teacher. She and our friend Ruth Powell received a 50-year service pin at the Potts Camp Methodist Church. They taught our children in school and church. We loved them.

Mary Jo McCallum is taking therapy after recent surgery; we send her get well wishes and our love.

L.B. Sides is doing well after his heart surgery. We are thankful.

Linda Alexander is also recuperating nicely after her surgery. Linda is a sweet, talented woman. May God bless her! She is pianist at First Baptist Church. We love her!

Prayer list: David Brower, our former banker; Jean Conlee; Mary Jo McCallum; Evan Watts; Roy Foote; L.B. Sides; Martha Ross; June Pearson; Irene Ware; Willie Miller; Betty Fincher; Jean Derryberry; Adelle Hudson.


Looking back over the years, 1932 was certainly a red letter time for Potts Camp School! Through the Smith-Hughes Act, a new agriculture building was built with a home economics department, and our first gym the year before, in 1931. Before that time ball games were played on an outdoor court during the daytime. It was wonderful to have a place to play basketball games at night with visiting teams, and also have tournaments sometimes on weekends.

Mr. Lloyd Thomas was the first coach; he was a good one.

The boys team won 20 games, and only lost four in 1932. Players on the first team, named the Potts Camp Cardinals in 1933, were Andrew Watson, Frank Greer, Milton Steele, Clinton Boren, Mitchell (T.M.) Stone, Ben Henderson, E.J. Marett and Ralph Overton. All are deceased except T.M. Stone.

During those Depression years, people had very little money to donate for the red suits, so they donated chickens.

The chickens were sold in Hickory Flat for five cents a pound, and Mr. Thomas ordered the first “red suits” with P. C. Cardinals printed on them. Until then, the boys wore white t-shirts and black trunks.

The girls also had a good team that year; I remember the Farr girls and the Kidd girls on the team.

Mr. Thomas told me that I didn’t eat enough cornbread and turnip greens to play ball. I was in the ninth grade, so I enjoyed working on the school newspaper, “The Windy Wave,” in the new commercial department and being in musical programs.

Mrs. Dunn was the commercial teacher; she married the superintendent of education, Mr. Curd, and helped him with The South Reporter. He bought it after retiring from superintendent of education. Miss Eason was the music teacher; she had Glee Clubs for all ages. We also took tap dancing and expression from Sarah Myers of Holly Springs.

We had many good coaches over the years. Mr. Carver was coach when our class graduated in 1936. We won State that year.

T.M. Stone, who was coach for many years, had some good teams; in 1961, they won Overall State Championship for the first and only time. I was working at the school and remember how happy we were.

Another special coach was Carl White; he had winning teams also; the new gym was named for him. He died at a ball game one night.

We are proud of Potts Camp Schools; Mary Reid was named for Mary Reid, only daughter of the town’s first settlers, Colonel E.F. Potts and wife Elizabeth. She had given land for the right-of-way for the railroad to come through Potts Camp, also the land for churches and schools for both races.

Reid’s Gift Church is also named for her. Mary Louise Merrill of Germantown is her great-granddaughter. We called her Aunt Molly.

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