Thursday, February 23, 2006

Letters To The Editor

Front page funny:
Dear Editor,

In 1955 I was with the U.S. Air Force stationed in southern Germany. My mother sent me The South Reporter from Victoria, Miss.

Since newspapers were sent by ship, there was usually a bottleneck and I would receive three-four at one time. My roommate was from New Mexico and one night he asked me if I had anything to read. I tossed those papers to him that had never been opened.

He opened one of them and started laughing and it got louder and louder. I asked what was so funny in that paper. And on the front page there was a large article about a chittlin supper.

He never understood why that would make the front page. I told him since I would only be there for 18 months I did not have time to explain all of the Southern traditions.

Thought this little note may be of interest to someone.

Roy Locke
Vernon, Ala.
formerly of Victoria

School board agenda:
Dear Editor,

I, Glen Johnson, need to be on the Holly Springs School Board agenda on the second Tuesday in March, to speak to our superintendent, on behalf of a background check. Myself and Mr. Buck will be meeting with the school board; please do not deny us of speaking with you on this behalf.

Why would you hire someone without doing a background check and after employment you choose to do a background check and then terminate them, after all they had to sacrifice to accept the position? We as parents don’t think that was a good decision.

Thank you
Glen Johnson
Holly Springs

Superintendent shock:
Dear Editor,

The School Board of the Holly Springs Independent School District shocked the citizens of Holly Springs. The shock came when it met in a secret session to suspend and terminate the newly appointed Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Cynthia Gentry. Dr. Gentry was selected in July, 2005 by the Board from a group of five candidates submitted by the Search Committee.

The majority of a Citizen's review Committee voted to support Dr. Cynthia Gentry as the new Superintendent. The five member Board unanimously appointed Dr. Gentry as the Superintendent. Dr. Gentry pledged to improve the quality of the District to attain a levels 3 and 4 in three years. A challenge she began to set the District’s administrative organization to accomplish. Those of us who spent our lives in education were greatly impressed with her leadership in setting the stage for accomplishing goals of the District. A few signs of positive progress included: seminars for approximately 300 parents, upgrading ten year old text books, book reading requirements eliminating the free afternoon for students and replacing it with controlled enrichment programs, attending public meetings and talking about the school system and the need for involving parents in the education of their children, making the necessary staff changes with persons whose expertise, interest and spirit of cooperation would help to advance the District to a higher academic level.

All of the above were implemented within less than six months.

If given time and support, we would have been pleased with her leadership.

In two months testing will begin to judge the progress of the District.

It appears that the Board took action on petty and trivial items rather than the record of the Superintendent in advancing the District.

Parents and concerned citizens strongly urge the Board to rescind its action and urge our Superintendent to proceed with her dynamic leadership. Your attorney did a very poor job in stating the cause for the suspending/terminating of service of one who brought new life and hope to the Holly Springs Independent School District.

W.A. McMillan Sr., Coordinator
The Marshall County Concerned Citizens Coalition

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