Thursday, February 16, 2006

Carey Chapel & Mt. Pleasant News
Allene Teel

David and Alisa Goode honored by congregation

Several events in the community were canceled Friday night and Saturday because of the heavy snow. There were several cars in ditches near my home on Friday evening. The snow was really pretty from inside a warm home.

Patricia Teel carried me to the Rayner Eye Clinic, in Oxford, on Monday. I did not receive a good report as the pressure in my eye is still high.

Arnold and Kathy Goode visited their daughter Laura and family in Salinas, California recently. While there they visited China Town, in San Francisco; Pacific Grove where they observed several thousand Monarch butterflies; drove 150 miles south on the Pacific Coast Ocean Highway, where they observed thousands of beached elephant seals. On Sunday they worshiped with a friend who pastors in Salinas.  

Bobbie Loftin had the misfortune of falling and breaking her foot and bruising her knees. I am praying that you will be up and around soon.

Ailee Coopwood attended a birthday party for Caleb Russell in Batesville recently.

The adults at Carey Chapel Baptist Church enjoyed their Valentine’s Banquet on Saturday night February 11.

On Sunday night, January 12, Carey Chapel Baptist Church honored David and Alisa Goode with an appreciation fellowship. Bro. David had been their youth minister for three and a half years. He also sings with the Carey Quartet. I know he will be missed.

Dot Dorris is a patient at Baptist Memphis Hospital. A get well wish is sent to her.

Funeral services were held for Rodger Cunningham, Friday, February 10, at Carey Chapel Baptist Church. Bro. Doug Bell and Bro. O.E. Langner officiated. Burial was in Carey Chapel Cemetery. Love and sympathy are expressed to his family.

The Keenagers enjoyed a super salad luncheon at Carey Chapel Baptist Church on Feb. 7 at 11:30 a.m. The church was decorated for Valentine’s. Everyone brought their favorite salad then enjoyed strawberry shortcake for dessert. Each person received a valentine and a chocolate heart. They also had their picture made in a giant heart for their memory board. The guest speaker was Michele Holeman, daughter of June and B.J. Clark, who showed slides of her mission trip to Turkey and the Seven Asia Minor churches. The day was topped off with several beautiful songs and many testimonies on how God had blessed their lives. The day was a joyous day. We were reminded of how laughter is better than a dose of medicine. Myrtis Todd and Carolyn Wilson both were blessed with door prizes for the day.

I Remember

Back in the thirties my daddy started what he called a “beefring.” He would kill a calf and distribute the meat around to relatives and neighbors. Then after two-three weeks someone else in the community would kill a calf and distribute the meat around to the community. Then a third person and so on. There were no freezers or refrigerators to keep meat from spoiling, so it was given away. We had beef to eat all during the summer.

Times have really changed. You don’t see anyone giving meat away now a days. You go to the grocery story and pay dearly for it.

In the winter the relatives and neighbors would get together and help one another kill hogs. Each one would keep their own hog meat. Sometimes people would borrow meat from each other until they had their hog killed.

Daddy had a sorghum mill. He made and sold molasses for extra money. I remember a man would walk five miles every Saturday to get a gallon of molasses for his family. I don’t guess the poor man had any money. He would always tell Daddy, “I’ll pay you next Saturday.” This went on for weeks. Daddy was a man with a big heart, so he just gave him the molasses.  

As a girl growing up we didn’t have much, but we were happy. Everyone was in the same boat. You made do with what you had.

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