Thursday, February 2, 2006

Behind The Scoreboard
By Claude Vinson

Only few days to wait for big game

Would you believe that we are in the very throes of the ending stage of the NFL’s current season? Just a couple of more games to go – the one with all the implications, joys and heartbreaks and the one which sends all the lucky vote getters to that big spa in the South Pacific.

It is amazing that as the one season wanes another’s gleams. Now we are not going to even suppose that the PGA Tour is on a par with the NFL in any measure, but I am sure that we couldn’t tell all the avid duffers of the Trent Jones greens that.

For the sake of just exploring this on a minor scale and also to give recognition to those who deserve it, the Buick Open was held this past weekend. In these Opens, we know that there is going to be a winner, but we don’t know if there will be a playoff.

In the NFL we know that there is going to be a playoff, and we know that there has to be a winner.

So without mixing too many golf balls with pigskins, the Buick ended in a three- way tie – Tigers Woods (big surprise), Jose Maria Olazabal and Nathan Green (brand new to the Buick). This would be Woods’ ninth, Olazabal’s fourth. The former had won four, the latter two (a novice has never won the Buick, so the odds were against Green).

Woods had been in nine playoffs and his record was 8-1. Olazabal had been in one and his record was 0-1. Neither had ever been in a three-way tie.

To make it short and repeat what you golfers already know, Green flaked out in the first playoff hole and Woods prevailed in the second.

Get the pathos? Coach Bill Cowher has never won a Super Bowl, but the Steelers have.

The Seahawks have never won a Super Bowl, but their coach (Mike Holmgren) has. But Holmgren has a stigma – no NFL coach has been successful when taking two different teams to the big dance!

And this is where the odds come in. Can the coach beat the odds? Can Cowher maintain his vertical posture? After all, he has knocked off the number one, two and three teams on his road to Detroit. And at this writing, he is four to the good.

Well, the best (and worst) part is we only have a few more days to wait!

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