Thursday, January 26, 2006

Carey Chapel & Mt. Pleasant News
Allene Teel

Wedding shower to honor couple Sunday

A wedding shower will be given in honor of Renee and Earl Floyd, in the fellowship hall, at Carey Chapel Baptist Church, on Sunday night, January 29, at 6:00 pm.

Love and sympathy are expressed to Amanda McClure, and her family, in the death of her grandfather, Carl Smith.

Mike Buckler is home and improving from recent surgery.

Sue Sipes was rushed to St. Francis Hospital recently. I am happy to report that she is at home recuperating.

Warren Teel had a heart catherization on Friday at St. Francis Hospital.

Katy Skelton, from Martinsburg, West Virginia, came home to be near her brother Richard Langston, during his illness. Continue to lift Richard and his family up in prayer.

Rev. Arnold Goode performed funeral services for Kim Lathrop, of Laws Hill on Friday. Love and sympathy are expressed to this family.

I Remember

My daddy was a big hunter and fisherman. During the winter he would get up at 4 am. He would put on his hunting clothes and boots, then head for the woods, followed by his squirrel dog. Sometimes the dog would go to the woods and tree a squirrel without Daddy. I’d say that was a well trained dog.

Most of the time about mid-morning, Daddy would come home with four or five squirrels. He would then dress them for Mama to cook. She would boil them in a big pot on the wood stove. After they were tender, she battered them in flour and fried them in an old iron skillet. Once they were good and brown she would make squirrel gravy. Those cat head biscuits (big as a cat’s head) Mama made sure were good with the squirrel and gravy. My little brother liked the squirrel brains. He didn’t have to fight anybody for those.

Daddy made rabbit traps to catch rabbits. Sometimes when he went to check his traps he would discover a possum. He would take “Mr. Possum” and put him under a wash pot, careful to leave a crack so he could get air. Daddy would feed him for two weeks, then kill “Mr. Possum” and dress him for Mama to bake with sweet potatoes.

In the summer Daddy would go fishing and bring home a string of fish. One day he caught a big turtle. Mama refused to cook the turtle. My sister volunteered to do the job.

I was happy to eat the squirrel, rabbit and fish, but I just could not eat the possum or the turtle.

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