Thursday, January 26, 2006

Behind The Scoreboard
By Claude Vinson

Looking toward Super Bowl, February 5

Someone asked me this past week if the Pittsburgh Steelers were perhaps my “closet” team.

I had never thought of it that way. The fact that I have them picked to win all the marbles this season in the NFL is generated by their return to the manner in which they played in the days of yore.

I never even liked the Steelers because they had running backs (both full and half) who were always the bane of my favorite team’s progress.

I am sure that many of you remember when the Steelers were winning their four Super Bowls, their fullbacks always got the extra yardage needed for a first down.

That was down right frustrating.

They were picked simply because of their tenacity this season. They have beaten some pretty big odds already, including injuries (Big Ben still plays with a splint on his hand), which could have been game stopping. They became the first sixth seed team in NFL history to ever win a conference title and a trip to a Super Bowl.

They have a camaraderie which is all too apparent. Heck, even Terry Bradshaw is calling them “his team” again!

They, and the other teams which tried so hard to (ex)X(cel)L this season, know that it comes down to the “best of the best.”

The Seattle SeaHawks are aptly named. They are indeed a predatory bird. They will need all that and more to get past the Steelers in Detroit on February 5. They have never been to a Super Bowl before, but their coach (Mike Holgren) has, when he was at the helm of the Green Bay Packers.

And if one looked at the way the Seahawks handled the Panthers in the conference tilt on Sunday, one would have to surmise that motor city is going to be heated up once again.

Parity being parity in the NFL and other pro sports venues, anything can happen. But, the team which was purchased back when a dollar was a DOLLAR for twenty-five hundred dollars (yeah!), leaves with all the marbles.

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