Thursday, January 19, 2006

Letters to the Editor

Thanks from Baltimore:
Dear Editor,

I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to two very special people who live in Holly Springs, Mississippi; my aunts Alvenice Brown and Corrine Coleman. They have been a very strong and supportive force for me here in Baltimore, Maryland.

You see, my dad passed away in March, 2005. When my dad was alive, I talked to him two or three times a day at the least. He was my lifeline and when he passed I still had the urge to call him and I found myself dialing his number, only to feel crazy because I knew he wasn’t there. But I still called.

My Aunt Alvenice and her husband Uncle Aaron were able to travel here to Baltimore, Maryland to attend the going home service of my dad. And let me say, it was truly a blessing having them here. I don’t know if they knew it or not, but their approval of the decisions made involving my dad’s services was very welcoming. They didn’t once ask us why did you do that or why don’t you do it this way. Their constant praise on how things were going was a relief during that difficult time.

But their support didn’t stop there. One day when I was feeling pretty low and missing my dad, I decided to call my Aunt Corrine. When she answered the phone, this unexplainable warmth came over me. I felt so safe and secure. I didn’t feel alone. We talked and talked and I really didn’t want the conversation to end. But when it did, I felt so much better.

I think at that time, my healing process had truly begun. I knew that although my dad was gone he wasn’t gone from my memory and most of all he wasn’t gone from my heart.

I call both my Aunt Alvenice and Aunt Corrine on a monthly basis now, sometimes more often when I get that urge to be close to my dad. I know they don’t realize how much these phone calls mean to me. After I talk with either one of them, I hurry and call my brothers and sisters to let them know about our conversation. I think it has become something we all (my siblings) look forward to; hearing a word or two from our aunts and uncle in Holly Springs.

I just want them to know that I love them so very much and that those few minutes we speak on the phone means so much to me.

So again “Thank You” Aunt Corrine and Aunt Alvenice. Love you, love you, love you!

Pamela Alford-Pettis
Baltimore, Maryland

Thanks for help:
Dear Editor,

I want to thank everybody who helped put out a wildfire on my land, Sunday, Jan. 8.

Special thanks to the Potts Camp, Bethlehem and Waterford fire departments and the Mississippi Forestry Commission.

Thank you,
Rod Work

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