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Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Jarretts honor Miriam Orman with birthday celebration recently

Recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Stone were Polly Montgomery, Clarinda Parrish and Frieda Browning of the Hurricane community.

Bob and Tula Hollingsworth of the Aberdeen area visited in my home on Friday. He is the younger brother of my late husband, L.D. Hollingsworth. I was glad to see them, and am so thankful he is doing well. I love them!

Jack and Linda Clayton and family of Kentucky visited his dad, Joel and Joyce Clayton, and also his brothers, Roger Clayton and Ralph Clayton, and his sister, Jo Ann Mayer and their families for a few days over the weekend.

A dinner for the entire family and friends was held on Saturday night, Jan. 7 at the fellowship hall of the Potts Camp Church of Christ. A large crowd attended the dinner.

Jack and his brothers and sister grew up next door to us. Our families have always loved each other, almost like a family.

Family members David and Teresa Hollingsworth and daughters Suzette and Sarah Lambert of Palmetto (near Tupelo) came to visit in my home on Sunday night, Jan. 8. On Saturday night, Sarah Lambert celebrated her 9th birthday with a swimming party at the Willness House in Tupelo. Thirty people attended and she received many nice gifts. (Suzette celebrated her birthday on Jan. 12.)

Harvey and Mary Jarrett hosted a birthday celebration for their daughter, Miriam Orman. Other guests were the Mark Jarrett family of Tupelo; Ben, Jennifer, Abby and Will Coker of New Albany; Josh and Allison Robertson of Blue Springs; Kevin Williams of Myrtle and Randy Alderson.

I was glad to see a friend, Jean Thompson on Tuesday, when Betty and Bobbie Clayton drove me back to the Williams Clinic on Tuesday for an arthritis shot. We were glad to hear that Jean’s husband, Dudley Thompson, is doing well after a recent sick spell.

We send our love and sympathy to the family of Lucille Howell, age 89, in her recent death. Get well wishes and prayers to Thurman Clayton, who is in the hospital with heart problems. His wife, Diane, is with him.

Get well wishes to Ruthie Myers, who was picked up by ambulance after passing out. She is the daughter of Bob and Ruth Ann. They live in the former home of Vera Churchill. Ruthie had been injured in a car accident some time ago.

Diane Stanton has returned home from the hospital. We send her get well wishes.


I. Prayer - Lord Jesus Christ, open our eyes and ears to those who cry for mercy all around us. Let our hands and voices be gentle as we seek to help those who need your healing and your love. Amen.

II. Sometimes we forget that God is only a prayer away.

III. “If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.” Chronicles 7:14

IV. America is the most wonderful country in the world; God has blessed us. We all know things could be better; we pray for a closer walk with God each day in our country.

V. “All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

VI. Remember you do not have the power to change people. Instead, ask God to help you become the person He wants you to become.

VII. Reach out in love; seek God’s wisdom in what you say and do.

VIII. Depend on God! Anchor yourselves in God’s work and pray continually; commit yourself and loved ones to God. We all make mistake but God will forgive us if we only ask Him.

The Heritage News for January 2006 has arrived! The first thing I saw when I opened the Heritage News was a picture of the old Potts Camp Pan - man and an article by my friend, Sylvia S. Akin, who grew up here and was my older son, Jimmy’s classmate. The building, a service station, was operated by Henry Clyde Rowland, and the cafe by Mary and Aubrey Fowler (Sylvia’s aunt and uncle). In 1950 the Pan Am changed hands. The Corner Quick Stop is located there now.

Officers this year for the Marshall County Genealogical Society are: president, Johnnie Carter; vice president, Lora Rhea; secretary, Martha Fant; treasurer, Vernelle Winter; and Ann Babin was re-elected editor of the Heritage News. They were elected at the Nov.-Dec. meeting.

Happy birthday to Olivia Denise Blond on Jan. 16 (Liesa’s daughter); they have moved to San Antonio, Tx. Also happy birthday to Elizabeth Hollingsworth on Jan. 17 (Danny’s wife) of Starkville; and to Maxine Potts on Jan. 19, a special friend from Saltillo; to my son-in-law David D. Greer Sr. on Jan. 20 of Cornersville; to Mitch Stone Jr., Potts Camp Methodist song leader, on Jan. 22; to his dad, former Potts Camp coach T.M. Stone on Jan. 24; and to Jimmie Hart on Jan. 26.

Bonnie Gurley and Sadie Rogers honored Shawn’da Rogers with a baby shower in Ecru on Saturday, Jan. 7; she is the niece of Belinda Clayton. A large group of friends and relatives attended the event. She received many gifts. On Jan. 9, Shawn’da visited Bonnie and Phil Gurley; they enjoyed eating dinner at the Mexican Restaurant in Holly Springs. The couple were very excited when she told them that the baby girl’s godparents would be Phil and Bonnie.

Prayer list: Evan Watts (grandson of Floy Ash and Flick Ash, Lena Fay Work, Martha Ross, Terrell Lowery, Roy Foote, Jean Derryberry, Ollie Mansel, June Pearson, Dorothy Forester, Donna Marett, Lucille Hutchens, Betty Fincher, Hazel Foote, Pauline Hutchens, Mary Lois Gurley, Mary Jo McCallum, Willie Miller, Jean McCallin, Lisa Mae Rhea, Jessie Pipkin, Ella Rea Whaley and daughter Sue. Sue, and the families of those who have lost loved ones. Get well wishes to my neighbor, Diane Stanton, who had surgery on Tuesday. She and her husband, David, brought me vegetables all summer. She called to tell me recently that she and her son had become recent members of First Baptist Church in Potts Camp. I’m proud of them and I love them.

Memories of CCC Camps

The CCC Camps were part of the “Big Deal” when President F.D. Roosevelt was elected in 1932. Many of them were built to put young men to work, and help their families during the Great Depression. Wall Doxey CCC Camp was organized on June 1, 1933. The boys lived in tents near Myrtle until the camp near Potts Camp could be completed. (I believe God sent our president to help us during the Depression.

My dad drove me and a group of my girl friends to “open house” at the camp one Sunday afternoon; first to the mess hall, where we met many of the cooks dressed in white uniforms, then to the Recreation Hall where music was playing, and we met many of the officers. The boys in the barracks waved to us as we were leaving.

When the U.S. Forest Service took over the Potts Camp CCC Camp in 1934, it became headquarters for the Holly Springs Unit of DeSoto National Forest.

Some of the first projects were to plant trees and build towers to spot fires; ours was called the Winborn Tower, but was located near Potts Camp. Many of us climbed the tall tower when it was finished, and looked out over the country. It was very exciting. My late husband L.D. helped build that tower. The CCC roads in this area have helped many people over the years, and other country roads and bridges were narrow and dangerous until then. Their checks were sent to their homes. No cars were allowed by the CCC boys, so they walked to town. Wall Doxey State Park, once known as Spring Lake, located between Holly Springs and Waterford, was rebuilt by the CCC boys. Now it is a wonderful park!

Every morning before school we watched for the CCC trucks as they passed through town and the boys waved at us. On weekends the boys visited our town and churches. Many of us dated the boys, and some of us married them.

On Sunday afternoon, they played baseball on our school lot (where the Carl White Gym is located). Later they participated in school activities and cheered on our Potts Camp Cardinals who won first place in State in 1936. Many girls fell in love and married the CCC boys.

In 1935 President Roosevelt traveled throughout the country in the back of a train, speaking to the people. The magic of his voice and smile in Tupelo when we saw him was wonderful. He won the 1936 election!

Daddy drove us there in his A Model Ford. Happy days were here again!

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