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Mary Clay Brooks

Emma Reed and Ellis Farese visit in Smith home over the weekend

Linda Tiller of Greenville, SC, is the visitor of Kay and Laura Wheeler this week. While here, she will be visiting with her aunt, May Alice Booker, who is in Baptist DeSoto Hospital in Southaven.

Emma Reed and Ellis Farese of Oxford, were the weekend guests of their grandparents, Vivian and Smitty Smith. They had a wonderful time entertaining their “Bibi” and playing with Holly Springs friend, Caitlyn Brooks.

Charlie Douglas and his children, Caroline and Chandler, of Starkville, Ms., were guests of his parents, Leigh and Dick Douglas, last week.

A big welcome back to David Person, who has just returned from Christmas break in San Antonio, Texas. You have been missed!

Nettie C. Jones of Gautier, and District 1 president of the Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW of Mississippi visited her sister Gohlie C. Coleman of Holly Springs during the Holidays.

Mike, Vicki and Jonathan Hefley, Fran Hefley, Mary Lou Curtis of Nashville, Tenn.; Pat, Katie and Robert Simmons of Clinton were guests of Barry and Pam Burleson during the holidays.

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Lois Swanee
Museum Curator

Museum receives visitors from all over

The new year! New Year’s Day is both a beginning and an end; the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Everybody has an opportunity to start over again. Be sure you make resolutions. Resolutions should be made for improvement in our conduct and you have to be strong to fulfill the promise to yourself.

I was preparing to bake Christmas cookies when I received an invitation to fly down to Houma, LA, to visit the shipyards. It was a gorgeous day for flying. In the “oven” of the slip yard where they are building boats for the river (slups are for oceans); all the boats were built of different patterns, some large, some short, one was square, one was five stories tall. Some had retractable cabins for going underneath bridges. All were fantastic.

Houma is the end of the line as it is 55 miles south of New Orleans and the road stops here. Katrina didn’t hurt them much as they were on the left side of the hurricane but Rita tore them up as they were on the right side. Last week was alligator season for hunting alligator. For lunch I was served alligator and it was delicious; it tasted like chicken. When we left coming home, we flew low over the coast and saw all the destruction. Long ago those French builders had built the old part of New Orleans on the highest ground around; that part was the only thing left of New Orleans.

Our Square Museum is receiving visitors from all over the world. From Massachusettes came beautiful Julie DeBardeleben and her eight-year-old super son who is a masculine clone of Julie.

Van Manning and his wife Mary Govan visited last month. Van Manning I was a congressman from here 125 years ago. Mary Govan was General Govan’s granddaughter. They married each other and live in Arkansas. They should live here with that Holly Springs heritage. One of our visitors was William Walker, older brother of Dudley, James and Robert. He had driven himself up here from Jackson. He is in good health and has a phenomenal memory. He should have written a book of ole Holly Springs. Speaking of that, all of my columns have been combined in a book and printed at Biz Media (Bailey Printing). It burned after Thanksgiving and we were fortunate that Joyce Wright was able to finish the printing. We have the books for sale now at the Museum for $21.50. They make great gifts and they will be collector’s items. We don’t have too many left. I added old photos to the book to finish the story, so come get yours today.

The Square Museum won’t be moving back home to College Avenue until summer. It will be exciting getting back and starting over to create a new museum. We need all of you to help us, please, and please give local artifacts here. We have loved being on the square and showing off through our windows. The public has enjoyed it too.

Holly Springs and Marshall County lost two irreplaceable libraries last week when Claiborne Thompson and Fonta O’Dell died.

Christmas is always wonderful. The best present I received was a new great grandbaby named Kailee Jane. She made her appearance three days before Christmas and was the hit of the party. She is the 38th member of my progeny, counting me. One of them couldn’t come so we only had 37 plus some guests. Kailee slept through all the fanfare of Christmas in a big crowd and was oblivious to all the sensation she was making.

Each year after Christmas I collapse with “The Vapors” (not-catching) and this year is no exception but I love it and am thankful for Christmas and the reason for the season.

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