Thursday, January 12, 2006

Behind The Scoreboard
By Claude Vinson

Vince Young wins crown for Texas

I know there are those of you who are just still salivating over the steady diet of football.

Even though we SECers didn’t beat all the odds through the BCS series, we made one heck of a showing. The entertainment factor was phenomenal. The bowls enjoyed super attendance and I am personally dubbing the Rose as a “mini-Super Bowl!”

Hats off to LSU and the Tide for keeping us credible.

What can one say about the Rose Bowl that hasn’t been said already? The number two team became the number one team in a blaze of glory and a 36-year vindication. There are those who will blame the USC coach (Pete Carroll) for his administration of the game.

That might be a reasonable assumption since he made the decision to go for a “fourth and two” which greatly shortened the field for the underdog Longhorns. One can only guess how many favorable decisions Coach Carroll has made over his illustrious career which includes two national titles.

So his bad call might have had some bearing on the outcome of that game but the real reason the Trojans didn’t repeat can be traced to one fatal flaw of four words, “failure to contain quarterback.”

I am sure that some of us older folks have watched a tremendous amount of football over the many seasons, and yours truly can truthfully say that never has one man done so much in a single game. Vince Young made the Longhorns national champions.

His coach, Mac Brown, stated that Young didn’t really come into his own until they stopped “trying to train him.” He literally took the ball, and the game, and ran with them.

The Trojan defense should have stopped him but they didn’t. The Trojans had a 38-26 lead at one time and that should have been enough, but it wasn’t.

And on Sunday to the dismay of everyone in Texas, Young stated that he would forego any more seasons with the Longhorns and step into the NFL draft.

And who would be in line to acquire the services of Mr. Young? Houston, New Orleans and Tennessee, in that order.

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