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Carey Chapel & Mt. Pleasant News
Allene Teel

Bridal shower honors Leslie Phillips at Carey Chapel Baptist Church

Dr. Rob Finley preached a trial sermon at First Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant, Sunday morning, March 5. A pot-luck meal was served after the morning service. The church voted to issue a call to him as pastor on March 12. He has accepted the call.

On Sunday night, March 12, at 5:00 p.m., Faye Sanders, from Slayden, was the guest speaker for missions.

A bridal shower was given in honor of Leslie Phillips, at Carey Chapel Baptist Church, Saturday, March 11, at 1 p.m. The shower was hosted by Angie Henshaw, Tracy Eggers and April Valentine.

A baby shower will be given in honor of Allyson West, at Carey Chapel Baptist Church, on Sunday night, March 19.

Gary and Michelle Teel are the proud parents of a son. Noah Wayne arrived at St. Francis Hospital on March 7. He weighed seven pounds, six ounces. His big sister Hannah is welcoming him home. Grandparents are Mike and Debra Breedlove, of Michigan City and Ivy and Patricia Teel, of Mt. Pleasant. Great-grandparents are Allene Teel and Johnnie Ford of Mt. Pleasant and Alfred and Dot Bryant of Olive Branch.

Melba Owens had surgery at Baptist East Hospital recently. A get-well wish is sent to her.

Lue McMinn had the misfortune of falling last week breaking her finger, and bruising her shoulder and face. Our prayers are with her.

Patricia Teel took me to Rayner’s Eye Clinic last Monday for a check-up. The pressure in my eye remains high.

Arnold and Kathy Goode traveled to Kansas City, Mo. last week to attend their grandson’s birthday. Little Campbell Goode was one year old on March 9. They visited several friends while there.

Thirteen members of the Keenagers, of Carey Chapel Baptist Church, enjoyed a “Chew Chew” luncheon at the Sliver Caboose recently. Afterwards they had a “Make a Memory Afternoon” at the Courtyard Clay Studio, all located on the Collierville Historical Town Square. Eva Lopez helped each Keenager pick out a piece of pottery and paint it. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful afternoon doing something many had never done before. Sam Anderson enjoyed sitting on the town square and had the opportunity to direct someone to McGinnis Hardware where he had worked for 38 years.

I Remember

When I was going to school we had a strict lady teacher. At least, as a kid I thought she was strict. I remember one day in reading class she caught me talking when I should have been listening. She hit me over my head with her pencil and it broke in half. She was very mad at me. She made me go to the chalk board, draw a circle and put my nose in it. I stood there for a really long time. The chalk smell was really getting next to me. When the bell rang for recess it was like music to my ears.

I remember another time when a girl talked back to the same teacher. The teacher got out her paddle, but the girl ran from her. She ran all around the room and up and down the aisles. She finally managed to run out of the door and down the gravel road in front of the school. The teacher wasn’t going to let the girl out-do her, so she got in her car, drove down the road, caught her and brought her back to the school. The girl didn’t get a paddling but had to stay in at recess.

I remember another time when a girl brought a radio to school. At lunch time several of us girls gathered near the stage in the school building. The girl turned the radio on and it was playing the “jitter bug.” A couple of the girls started doing the “jitter bug” dance. The teacher heard all the commotion and came running. She was very upset. She took the radio away from us and took it to her room. She told the owner she could pick it up on her way home, at the end of the day and to never bring it back to school again.

I remember another time when a boy, who sat across from me, talked back to the same teacher. She came over to where he sat and slapped him in the face. He looked up at her and smiled, so she slapped him again. This continued until the boy finally stopped smiling at her. Boy was she mad! Nowadays this would be called child abuse. 

If I ever got a paddling at school I knew better than to go home and tell Daddy.

I knew I would get another whipping, this time with a razor strap.

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