Thursday, March 16, 2006

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Pages of Past

While reading through the past issues of The South Reporter Friday and working on the Pages of the Past, I really had a shock!

Right there, in black and white, was the first column I wrote about the impending arrival of my very first grandchild! Can it have been 10 years already?

What a trip down memory lane it was too!

Apparently, from reading my column, our pediatric nurse daughter, who is/was a whiz at electric baby beds couldn’t work the “regular” baby bed.

Apparently, by this point, she was past the point of making decisions, because her standard reply was “go ask Jason!”

A rather sad note was remembering how my mother-in-law Jimmie would walk the half block down to our house every day when Dana was born, to help bathe her. I was afraid to do it alone and my mother-in-law was an enormous comfort and help to me.

Now, Jimmie is in a nursing home and not aware of anything going on around her.

I ended that column with the comment: “I plan to giggle a lot as I watch my daughter learn to become a mother.”

Next month that same first granddaughter will be 10 years old! Where, exactly, has that 10 years gone?

Today, Binky is a bubbling over fourth-grader and her mother no longer has any trouble at all making decisions; with “no” as the theme. (And Jason lives in South Dakota now.)

We were talking at home the other day and I made a comment about microwaves and had to laugh, stopping and listening to myself.

I sounded just like my dad! According to my dad, winters in Gleason, Tenn. (up just past Dyersburg), were so bad that he had to chop three feet of ice off the pond for the horses and cows before he walked to school in three feet of snow without a coat.

And there I sat, telling Binky and/or Gremlin all about life before microwave popcorn (we had to put oil in the bottom of pot, pour in the popcorn and shake, shake, shake the pan over the burner and then 75 percent of the time the popcorn burned anyway.

When Dana was 10 years old, she knew everything. Today, with her daughter 10 years old, she’s on the flip side of that and I have to admit that I have done a bit more than giggle watching the two of them.

I’m in my mother-in-law’s old enviable position -- “grand!”

Dana is somewhat tired of me telling her that it’s my mother’s fault -- when I was a little girl, my mother would glare at me and say, “Someday, you’re going to have children and I hope they act just like you do!”

I might have passed that curse on to Dana when she was ten years old or so.

Watching the 30+-year-old and the matching, identical 10-year-old it sure looks like it anyway!

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