Thursday, January 5, 2006

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Computer woes

I am almost completely at wit’s end! My computer (at home) is in the shop and most of this past long weekend, I have just felt completely lost.

Bear in mind home computers haven’t been that common all that long (my daughter got her first computer about 12 years ago and I didn’t get one until maybe 8-9 years ago). How in the world have I (we) become so completely addicted to them?

My friend Jane’s computer just came home from the shop Saturday (the same day mine had to go in) and both our computers being out of whack played havoc with church Sunday.

Jane usually does our bulletin, I’m her backup -- so no bulletin. She’s the church secretary and cemetery secretary, so no minutes from the last meeting and no cemetery update for the business meeting. I have the treasurer’s report to do -- so no treasurer’s report.

I have several letters I need to write to family (those who don’t have email) and I can’t write them. Actually, I could write those, they would just be illegible. And I certainly can’t email! Worse, I can’t play Solitaire!

On the other hand, I’ve had lots more time for sewing. I’m working on a christening gown for a friend and I’ve just had all kinds of ideas for “things” I can add and do with that gown.

• Quilting is high on my list of priorities whether or not I have a computer. I’ve gotten very excited the past few months about a quilt exhibit here in Holly Springs.

Janet Jolley along with the gang at the Extension office and I are working toward having a quilt exhibit during Pilgrimage. We have quite a few antique quilts promised and the Marshall County Homemaker Volunteers will also have quilts on display, along with any other quilt that we can beg, borrow or steal to hang. (Okay, I’m kinda kidding about the steal part.)

It’s January now and lots of you might think that April is a long way off and you’ll get around to calling Janet or me next week. Please don’t wait!

Please consider letting us display your treasured antique quilts or your wonderful new quilts. We even have a Christmas quilt promised already. And it doesn’t have to be a traditional quilt! Wallhangings, lap quilts, clothing, baby quilts -- all of those would be greatly appreciated.

Please call me or the Extension office and let us know about your quilts. They are a fascinating peek into our history and Pilgrimage seems a perfect time to showcase not only our past in quilts, but our present and future also!

Extension office - 662-252-3541; Linda, 662-252-4261 (work) or 662-252-3948 (home).

• Most of my quilt patterns are stored on my computer... sigh...

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