Thursday, January 5, 2006


Fielder’s Choice
By Barry Burleson

Headlines from 2005

It’s a new year, 2006, and that will mean new headlines for The South Reporter.

What will they be?

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Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Computer woes

I am almost completely at wit’s end! My computer (at home) is in the shop and most of this past long weekend, I have just felt completely lost.

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The Preacher’s Corner
By Rev. Dr. Milton Winter

Fonta O’Dell was everybody’s favorite teacher

No one was surprised that a huge congregation attended the funeral of Fonta O’Dell, longtime English teacher at Holly High School. Not that she was famous, of course.

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Due South
By Mark Entwistle
The Southern Reporter
Selkirk, The Borders

To our friends, ‘Guid new year tae ane an’ a’

We Scots have always been a superstitious race.

And that is even more true at the beginning of a new year. Many of the old traditions to do with marking the new year have died out, but others - including some from pre-Christian pagan times - have lasted and remain an integral part of our celebrations.

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