Thursday, March 2, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones


Sleep-overs with granddaughters can be very informative. I learn so much from those “in-the-dark” discussions — especially from the oldest one.

Gremlin at nearly seven, is still content with a couple books (just one more, pleeeeaaaaase, Bumpy) — but Binkster — well, she’s another story altogether!

She’s become very fond of hearing “funny” stories about her mother when she was little and about when the Binkster and Gremlin were little. There’s one particular story that she wants to hear almost every time she stays over... When Gremlin was about two-three weeks old, Mom had ventured out of the house somewhere. Dad was keeping on eye on two sleeping little girls — one newborn and one two-years-old. Not really a hard task. Until Dad takes the newspaper and goes into the bathroom. Since he’s the only one that could talk at this point in time, his is the only version of the story — and he was nearly incoherent while telling it the first few times.

It seems that while he was reading, he heard a noise and looked up. There in the doorway stood a tiny, blonde two-year-old holding the baby (if you call the two-year-old’s arm crooked around the neck of the newborn with the baby just dangling “holding”).

Seems like the baby woke up, woke up the two-year-old and so, being a two-year-old, Binkster decided to bring the baby to Dad. She was very proud of herself. I cannot repeat anything Dad had to say after that.

The Binkster and I often lie in bed at night and I tell her these kinds of stories. She likes the ones about her and Grem, but she loves the ones about her mother. I’m trying to be careful with those, just to protect Mom.

Other times, though, Binkster likes to talk and talk and talk. She spent the night Saturday night and that was one of the nights she wanted to talk.

So we discussed vegetarians. She’s heard it mentioned on a couple of cartoons lately (King of the Hill) and I’m reading her Calvin and Hobbs cartoon books now and at one point, Hobbs (the tiger) is going to be a vegetarian.

Binkster thinks being a vegetarian sounds pretty cool. She talked about all the veggies she likes (rutabaga is a current favorite — if you can believe that!).

She was very, very dismayed when I told her that pepperoni pizza was not vegetarian. Sloppy Joes are not vegetarian either.

Same for chili and spaghetti.

She solved that very neatly though.

Snuggled down there in the dark she made her pronouncement —

“They’re veggies for me!”

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