Thursday, February 17, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Quilt heaven!

After my previous weekend of total misery, this week was as different as night and day. And frankly, I’m not real sure I deserve any of it.

The thrills began with an e-mailed note from traveling companion Jane —- two ladies from our quilting guild were unable to make the trip this April to the American Quilting Society’s annual “shindig” in Paducah, Ky. and the remaining ladies wanted to know if we wanted to use the extra hotel reservations, etc.

I don’t think Jane even needed to ask we snagged that opportunity up faster than the speed of light!

Saturday morning, my daughter, my oldest granddaughter and I loaded up in the “farm” truck to come to town and buy some lawn furniture from a friend.

I was pretty sure I was getting a bargain (I did!) and I think my friend was happy that he was getting rid of some junk in his backyard (you know what they say -- one person’s junk is another’s treasure!).

Standing idly by the truck talking after we’d loaded my lawn furniture treasures, my friend asked how my sewing room cleaning had gone. I was happy to report that the massive undertaking had been finished and I was happily quilting and sewing once again.

Then my friend asked was I interested in old quilts —- well, do fish live in water? I’ve always loved quilts and since becoming such an avid quilter it’s almost an addiction.

Turns out my friend hopes someday to go into the mission field and when he does, he won’t be able to carry an entire household with him. He’s keeping small mementos of family members who have gone on and when he finds a home for the larger ones, he passes them on.

I am now the proud possessor of three absolutely gorgeous antique quilts —- handmade by his great-grandmother from Missouri.

I was hardly out the driveway on my way home before calling Jane and telling her about my new treasures.

After Jane’s inspection, the quilts have been declared to be “wonderful!” She told me one is a variation of a Dresden plate, one is a grandmother’s fan and one is made entirely of yo-yos. (I have to admit until I started quilting myself I had no idea what this form of yo-yo was.)

The yo-yo quilt is made entirely of small circles of fabric, gathered into smaller circles and stitched together by hand.

I cannot begin to fathom the time and love that must have gone into the stitches on these quilts.

I do know treasure when it’s given to me though!

These are treasures...

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