Thursday, February 17, 2005

Zoning maps, ordinances ready for viewing
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The new Marshall County zoning maps and land use control and zoning ordinances are available for public view at the zoning office at Highway 178 East, according to Conway Moore, director of the planning commission.

The maps and ordinances have not been adopted by the board of supervisors but will be presented to the public at 6:30 p.m. on February 28 at the boardroom located at 103b Market Street, Holly Springs. Preceeding this public hearing the board will hold its regular meeting at 5 p.m.

“People are welcome to come by and look at these maps and I will be glad to explain anything,” Moore said.

The set of 50 zoning maps prepared by Elliott and Britt Engineering provide enlargements of all areas in the county. Those who wish to see how a property they own or plan to buy is zoned can do so by consulting the maps, Moore said.

Those who have purchased property after April 2004 should bring their deed with them while consulting the maps. Those who bought property prior to that date will already have their parcels recorded on the land record and do not need to bring deeds in with them.

The zoning maps have general use to anyone who wants to know how a parcel they own or are thinking of buying can be used. Those interested in putting in a business should consult the maps to see if the property is zoned for the intended use, Moore said.

“Or if you are thinking about buying a property for a business, you should check the zoning first,” she said.

Moore said the maps and ordinances will answer specific questions often asked.

“Say you live in a subdivision and you want to have horses or put in a stable,” she said. “The subdivision regulations will tell you how many horses, if any, you can keep for the size parcel you have.”

Other frequently encountered problems that come before the zoning board are questions of how parcels are zoned for either double-wide or single-wide mobile homes, Moore said.

“Suppose you have an opportunity to purchase a single-wide and want to know if you can put it on your land,” Moore said. “Your property may not be zoned for it. Check with us before buying the single-wide.

“The bottom line is our county is growing. Before you decide to do something on your property, you need to call the zoning office, tell us what you want to do and let us look it up. We don’t want to have problems. We want to work with everybody. By checking with us, you may save dollars in the long run.”

Moore said the maps and regulations were prepared to protect citizens.

“That is because what I do with my property affects you and your property,” she said rhetorically. “And I want to thank the supervisors who have worked hard on this.”

Moore emphasized the maps and zoning books have not been adopted by the board and as such are now only preliminary working documents until they are adopted.

“Anyone is welcome to come in the office and we will be glad to assist,” she said. “The public can look at these prior to or during the February 28 public hearing. I prefer the public to come before the meeting so they will already have their questions ready for supervisors.”

Chancery Clerk Chuck Thomas said the ordinances and maps, once adopted will carry a lot of weight with regard to land use. But the public will still be able to request a special exception or a variance regarding zoning and land use, he said.

The February 28 meeting will serve as a required public hearing before the ordinances and maps can be legally adopted by the board of supervisors. A court reporter will be at the meeting to take public comment, Thomas said.

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