Thursday, February 17, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Weekend Joys

What good is a pleasant weekend if you can’t enjoy it?

Along with just about everyone else I know, our family has “enjoyed” a stomach virus the past week.

For a change, the oldest granddaughter was not the first one sick -- and so far, not the sickest, again, as usual.

For a change, this time I was the first one sick. And so far, the sickest!

I guess I’m really lucky. When I do get sick, Pop is a very, very good caregiver. I have a friend, who shall remain nameless here, who says if she ever gets really sick she just might as well go ahead and croak, as her husband won’t even notice, let alone wait on her.

I understand that taking care of a sick wife is not a common trait in a husband, but I’m pretty sure Pop got it from his father, who was probably the world’s best everything.

It was pretty hard for Pop to try and take care of me this time though, because all in the world I wanted was to be left alone to die in peace.

Fortunately, whenever I did manage to shuffle around the house, there was always Jello in the refrigerator and pillows and blankets on the couch and he even let me control the remote a bit.

Over the weekend, the youngest granddaughter was sick. You can always tell she’s sick when she’s still. She laid on the floor watching television or sleeping for nearly two days. It always scares me when she’s still.

By Monday morning, I was recovering and Pop and my nameless friend were coming down with the virus.

My friend called me Monday morning to check on me and to let me know that she’d been lying in her floor all morning. And her husband had offered to fetch and carry for her. Of course, all she wanted was to be left alone to die.

Tuesday afternoon, the school called and the oldest granddaughter was sick. Naturally, Mom was at work (in Memphis) and Pop was at home sick.

Being a grandfather though, he dragged himself out to come and pick her up.

Mom and Uncle Kris are the only ones left at our house who haven’t been sick. None of us are recovered enough to wait on them. Those of us still ill are hoping they’ll wait until we have the strength for them to be sick.

In all my trials the past week I have managed to actually quilt something. As a brand new quilter, it was such a joy to sit down and hand quilt on my brother’s wedding quilt.

I’ve never hand quilted before and after tracing the pattern, cutting the stencil and then actually quilting it I made a very interesting discovery.

It was beautiful and I loved it!

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