Thursday, February 17, 2005

Potts Camp News
By Dale Hollingsworth

Benefit fish fry honoring Staci Boone set for Saturday at First Baptist Church

On Feb. 12, a breakfast was held at Potts Camp Methodist Church with a large group attending.

The three churches on the Potts Camp Methodist charge had joint services together at Potts Camp Church followed by a fellowship dinner.

Michael and Nancy Grier of El Dorado, Ark., visited Connie and Andy Work over the weekend and attended open house. Thirty people attended.

Happy birthday to Sandy Smith of Bruce on her birthday Feb. 12. She is David Fuller’s sister, also Karen Green’s sister; she grew up in Potts Camp.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gurley of Southaven visited his grandmother, Mary Lois Gurley and Joan Gurley recently. They have a young baby (5 months old) they brought with them. Mary Lois told how special he was and about his bright, pretty eyes.


1) “By grace you have been saved through faith, and not of yourselves; it is a gift of God.” Ephesians 2:8

2) For better or worse you and I are the only ones Jesus can depend on to tell the world how He lived and died on the cross to save us from our sins. Can He depend on us to strengthen the Kingdom of God, just as He depended on those first disciples? Today’s Christians are all He has. Can He depend on us?

3) Weary and tired of life’s full day
Silently down I kneel to pray
And after a moment of peace I arise
Ready to meet life’s on rushing tides
I face the world bravely as from a tall spire
So friend when you too are tired at heart
Kneel with your Master and get a new start.

4) Sometimes we forget that God is only a prayer away


May everything I say and do, Dear God, reflect my love for you. As I am walking down life’s road, let me share someone’s heavy load.
For Christ’s sake

Ten-year-old Jamie Cook, who lives with his aunt and uncle, Lynn and Martha Goolsby and daughter Hanna, had recent surgery at Le Bonheur Hospital in Memphis. Get well wishes to him.

Tommie and Gale Goode and son Pat visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Stone, over the weekend.

Donna Marett’s grandson, Heath and Melanie Gray and children Zach and Walker from the Myrtle area, lost their home on Tuesday, when it burned to the ground. We send our sympathy to them. James and Thomas Ann Gray are Heath’s parents.

Teresa Hollingsworth, wife of my grandson, David, has been very ill. Please pray for her. They live in the Palmetto area, near Tupelo.

Pray for Mr. Tutor; he is suffering from a blood clot in his leg.

We send our love and sympathy to the family of Danny Eugene (Buddy) McCullough in his recent death.

A benefit fish fry will be held on Feb. 19 at First Baptist Church at Potts Camp, from 5 to 8 p.m. for Staci Boone, who was in a car accident.

Thanks to the Methodist Church and Bobby Smithwick for the delicious dinner on Sunday.

Please pray for Ann Feathers of Myrtle; she is on the sick list. She grew up in Potts Camp; she is the sister of Jean Whaley.

Kristie Fincher stayed overnight with her grandmother, Betty Fincher; her dad, Tony, was there also.

Bille Haynes had recent surgery to put in a pace maker; he is doing well. We are thankful.

Gracie McCallum is on the sick list; she plans to have surgery. Pray for her.

Bill and Sue Rowland’s recent guests were Mr. and Mrs. Royce Rowland (his brother and wife).

Prayer List: Willa Floyd, Staci Boone, Terrell Lowery, Gracie McCallum, Sandy Byrd, Maxine Potts, Lucille Hutchens, Larry Edwards, Juanita Howell, Donna Marett, Evelyn Brady, Doris Goode, Ollie Mansel, Betty Fincher, Roy Foote, Ruthie St. John, Louise King, Ladine Randolph, Dorothy Forester, Jean Derryberry, Martha Ross, Mary Jo McCallum, Jene McCallum, Lena Faye Work, , Lucille Pierce, Mary Jo McCallum, Mary Poole, Henry Tutor, Billie M. Benefield.


In the ’30s, a well-known writer for The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Mr. Copeland, drove his wife to North Mississippi, his native state. He wrote that when they passed that imaginary line into Mississippi, it seemed that the birds sang a little sweeter, and the trees were a little greener. He showed his wife where friends lived in Byhalia, and they saw many of the historic homes in Holly Springs. When they reached Potts Camp, they were tired, so they decided to stay overnight at one of the hotels. They saw a sign on the highway “rooms for rent, Williams Hotel.” Julia Williams and daughter operated the best hotel in town and were wonderful hostesses; the food was also delicious. Many of the Potts Camp school teachers at the hotel invited Mr. and Mrs. Copeland to attend a musical program at Potts Camp School that night, and also for him to speak to the people before the program started. The title of the program was “Songs and Dances from Around the World.”

Mr. Copeland’s talk was on “God and Our Country.”

The program was presented by Miss Eugenia Eason, music and glee club teacher, and Miss Sarah Myers of Holly Springs, who taught expression and tap dancing at our school. About 25 students participated in the songs and dances. Some of those who sang solos about other countries were Ruth Watson, Bessie Evelyn Bellew, Annie Ruth Holley and others. My young brother, Bennie, sang and danced “The Pullman Porter Blues” and was dressed for the part. Quinn Holley and I were dressed in overalls and red checked skirts to say our expression and tap act.

My dad always took the “Commercial Appeal.” We could hardly wait until the paper arrived on Monday. Mr. Copeland wrote about his trip with his wife to North Mississippi. He told about the wonderful Williams Hotel where they stayed overnight, and how he had visited the merchants at Greer & Greer Store that morning and asked the history of the town. He also told about the program they attended at the Potts Camp School, and about the talented youth in our school, especially the young boy who sang the Pullman Porter Blues. As they were driving out of town, Mrs. Copeland remarked, “Why didn’t you tell me about the nice people in the friendly little town of Potts Camp?”

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