Thursday, February 10, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Is that a U?

I’ve been so proud of all my quilting “achievements” that I guess it was time that I came back down to the real world.

From being a total non-quilter in September, 2004, I’ve gone to lunatic quilter — with about 10 or so started and twice that many floating around in my head (which can be a dangerous place!).

My “baby” brother, who went through a really nasty divorce about 10 years ago, finally met the right person and he and Diane married on Jan. 3, 2005. We were all quite happy, as she is a great person and just fits right in with our family. And we figure anyone that could put up with Danny has got to be great — right?

There’s not much you can buy two people who are combining households as a wedding gift, so I decided — naturally — to make them a quilt! Actually, a wall-hanging.

It turned out a bit bigger than anticipated. I’d planned on one about the size of a poster — I ended up with one about three times that size. I’m a great planner!

I had a great deal of fun laying it out (naturally, I bought a computer program to help lay out quilts — how did pioneer women make quilts without computer programs?).

The quilt is rectangular with greens and such (and a purple border running through it) and the letters “D U K E” (my maiden name) appliqued across. I’d already appliqued the letters, hand-quilted around them and machine quilted around the purple stripe.

Then, I showed it off to my friend Jane.

The first words out of her mouth were “Did you know the “U” was backwards?”

Now, most of my family at home had inspected the quilt already. In fact, I’d forced them to look at it every time I took another stitch almost. My poor son has had to look at it around a million times already.

And no, not a one of us had noticed that the “U” was backwards.

Jane said she was very sorry she’d noticed it (laughing all the while) and surely no one else would if none of us had.

I spent the rest of Saturday night ripping out stitches, re-making a ‘right-sided’ U and re-appliqueing and re-quilting and re-machine bordering the purple stripe.

Sunday morning I was such a proud grandmother. The Binkster, my oldest granddaughter, decided at church Sunday that she wanted to help our pastor serve Communion.

He graciously let her and, instead of one of the ladies helping, Binkster helped with the tablecloth and held the tray for him (the one with the juice!).

She was solemn and thoughtful, not smiling or even sneaking looks at me or her little sister.

When did she start growing up?

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