Thursday, February 10, 2005

Potts Camp News
By Dale Hollingsworth

Get well wishes to Alan Taylor

We send our love and sympathy to the family of Jim McNight of Tupelo in his recent, accidental death. Many people attended his funeral at the Bethlehem Church of Jesus Christ on Friday afternoon, Jan. 22, with Rev. Steve Wilson officiating. (Jim’s wife was the former Wanda Lindsey who grew up in the Bethlehem area.)

T.D. Lowery is on the sick list; he has been sent to the Briarcrest Home in Ashland. Please pray for him. Mr. and Mrs. Lowery’s home is located near the Potts Camp Methodist parsonage on Pontotoc St.

Please pray for Alan Taylor, who is very ill in Germantown Methodist Hospital. His family has been visiting him every day.

Mary Lee Barker is also in a nursing home, and we are thankful that she is feeling better. She is the last sister of the late Rhea Ash, the late Jettie Mayer, the late Sol Cox and several others. Our daughter, Betty Greer, worked with them and Ella Rae Whaley and Mr. Frank Bennett at the old St. Louis Bargain Store in Holly Springs, owned by the Tomlinsons. Betty loved all of them! Every week she carried the group homemade candy; they gave her nice gifts when she and David married.

1) Celebrate your uniqueness! No one else can do what God created you to do; use the special gifts and abilities God has given you to spread the wonderful gospel of Jesus.

2) Love is one of God’s greatest gifts! Love is patient and kind. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. I Corinthians 13:4

3) Our Lord has the power to answer our prayers, meet our needs and change our lives. So if you have problems call upon our wonderful Savior. With Him nothing is impossible.

4) When everything is hopeless, and life is hard to bear,
Just find a quiet corner, and say a special prayer
Ask God to give you strength, to see you through the day
He alone can help you; He can pave the way

5) Help me, dear Lord to be honest and true
In all that I say and all that I do; give me the courage to do what is right
To bring to your world a glimpse of your light
For Christ’s sake,

Happy belated birthday to Edward Gurley on Feb. 9 also to Lamar Day on Feb. 9, to Lauren Brooke Potts on Feb. 10 (a great-niece); also to Lisa Rhynes on Feb. 10 and to Sank Owen on Feb. 12.

On Feb. 13, happy birthday to members of my family, Sonya Kidd, David Hollingsworth, his wife Teresa Hollingsworth, and a great-grandchild, Michael Alexander (Alex) Griffen. Also to Susan Nelson on Feb. 13 (a relative of Mary Lois Gurley). Happy birthday to Jeff Knight on Feb. 16.

Get well wishes to Louise Pruitt, who had recent foot surgery; she is at home.

Fifth Sunday Rally was held at Bethlehem United Methodist Church on Jan. 30. Many people attended the event.

I was happy to hear from my friend Maxine Potts; she called from Saltillo. I miss Maxine and her sweet daughter, Candy. Both Maxine and Candy are on the sick list; pray for them.

A housewarming was held on Sunday by their friends for Andy and Connie Work. A large crowd attended and they received many gifts.

We extend our deepest love and sympathy to the Allan Taylor family in his recent death.

Prayer list: Terrell Lower, Ollie Mansel, Juanita Howell, Evelyn Bready, Lucille Hutchens, Hazel Cox, Evelyn Hudson, Mary Lee Barker, Roy Foote, Lucille Hutchens, Willa Floyd, Henry Tutor, Maxine Potts, Ladine Randolph, Louise King, Donna Marett, Lena Fay Work, Larry Edwards, Dorothy Forester, Betty Fincher, Jean Derryberry, Annie Spears, Jene McCallum.


Over the years we have known and loved many pastors and their families. One special pastor, Rev. Ray Daniel, I will never forget; he was my guardian angel.

A huge ice storm hit this area in the ’80s, trees and limbs began to fall and the electric wires were broken. I was living alone and didn’t know what I was going to do. My prayers were answered one morning when Bro. Daniel came driving up in his pickup and got out his chainsaw and started to work. People passing saw the preacher at work, so many of them joined him, even the principal of Potts Camp School and the janitor helped. Soon my lights were turned back on; I was so thankful! Bro. Daniel wouldn’t take any money for his work, but he did cut up the wood, so he could take it to people who needed wood to burn.

That summer, 32 women from Alabama were on a mission trip from Birmingham to Memphis. Their bus had broken down near Potts Camp.

Someone drove them to Flick’s place where they ate lunch. An evangelist who was holding revival services at Potts Camp Methodist Church noticed that the women’s name tags were North AL Conference, United Methodist Women, so he called Bro. Daniel. He turned on the air conditioner at the Methodist Church and drove the church van to pick the women up; making several trips because our van was small.

The women began to go upstairs into the sanctuary, and play the piano and sing. Bro. Daniel spent the afternoon speaking and helping them in many ways.

A bus from Alabama arrived late that afternoon to drive the women home. One of them wrote to the “Mississippi Methodist Advocate.” She wrote: “I just want the Bishop of the Methodist Church to know that there is a man of God in Potts Camp, Bro. Ray Daniel.

He found strangers on the road, took them in and cared for them, then sent them on their way with sure knowledge that through God’s grace all is right with the world. He showed his love for God and for people.” None of us will ever forget Bro. Daniel and Potts Camp Methodist Church.

The last time I saw Bro. Daniel was at my late brother’s (Lindy) Charles L. Potts’ funeral on May 20, 1996 in Booneville.

He came with his arms wide open. Many other pastors of Potts Camp churches are just as wonderful as Bro. Daniel.

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