Thursday, December 15, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Thank you and big hugs:
Dear Editor,

It is with sincere gratitude that you receive this letter. On this blessed day, I, Kassandra Porter-Mitchell, along with Teresa Breland and Alisha Ayers send heart-felt thank yous and appreciation to several individual community members and business establishments.

The following individuals/businesses contributed to the adoption of kindergarten classroom #125 at Holly Springs Primary School and we cannot allow such commitment to children to go unnoticed.

Thank you and big hugs go out to: Jack Burge of R.E.S., Why B. Mad Studio, Big Daddy’s Style Shoppe, (Mairon, Reggie, James, Marcus, and Jarvis) Irene Walton of Holly Springs Intermediate School and Dr. Henry Rather and Carol Rather of Rather Dentistry; Eddie Lucas, Eloise Nabors (mayor’s office), Michelle Kinkle of Tips and Toes Nail Salon and Daryl Kinkle of Dee’s Car Wash.

The 19 children in class 125 received gift bags filled with love and educational toys, as well as hygiene products from those mentioned above and they greatly appreciate the kind gestures during this season of giving. You are all wonderful and blessed.

Kassandra Mitchell

Reply to letter:
Dear Editor,

I would agree with Mr. Reed’s Dec. 8 letter to the editor on one point only. Yes, sadly, such a thing as religious intolerance does exist. However, that’s where we part company.

For many circumstances nowadays are falsely accused of intolerance, for lack of understanding the true issues involved. For instance, he mentioned a prostitute or homosexual turned away from church fellowship. A major question arises here. Is this person repentant, and therefore, an ex-prostitute or ex-homosexual, or is he simpy an activist seeking to force permission for a filthy lifestyle from believers? (It is untrue, by the way, that people are genetically forced into engaging in such.) Jesus bit hard to the chase regarding repentance, and His followers are to agree with that.

Contrary to Mr. Reed’s view, Scripture is adamant about our responsibility towards God and other people for our behavior. In Noah’s day, widespread evil led to that destruction. And then there was that specific sin that brought Sodom down.

So then, never should we deny the sovereignty of God’s standards. Rather, we must illuminate God’s lines, or else the graying down that’s going all around could rub off on us, too.

Marie White

Reply to letter:
Dear Editor,

May I say a few words in consideration of Sis. Lois’s letter and Mr. Houck. First of all Sis. Lois, you said a mouthful. I detest war in every possible terms of the word. But it is time for anyone who is a Christian to stand up and be bold enough to correct what is wrong today.

I had a brother who was a soldier, also a first cousin who died in Vietnam.

Mr. Houck, your safety is because of those boys who have enough courage to go and fight. President Bush has a job to do. He is trying to keep America free. You claim you would like to gag and kill our president. If you want to make a real statement, then be bold enough to bow your knees in pray.

What are teaching our children? To run and hide when trouble comes?

And yes, God did say vengeance belongs to him. Read the old testament and then think about it. There have been wars since time began.

Read the story of David. God was in command and God told them over and over to go into the village or town and kill all men, women and children, even to kill the animals. This country was started on a belief in God, and America is a great nation, but we are falling apart because we are letting Satan grow in our nation.

We are falling away from the teaching of Christ. We are supposed to love everyone.

God has always protected the U.S.A., but we allowed sin to split our nation and God is slowly removing that protection.

We have stood by and sin has taken over this great nation. We do not save it with violence. We should all be down our knees praying for our nation’s leader.

We are part of the League of Nations, who promised to help in trouble and the President can only do it if Congress and the Senate let him. They can veto his action. We must love God and each other or else we will fall. Are we still God’s people today? Think about it.

Annie Spears
Potts Camp

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