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Dale Hollingsworth

Bethany Baptist Church members deliver fruit baskets

For many of us, Christmas is the happiest time of the year; we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. But for others, it is a sad and lonely time; they need our help and prayers. Churches who observe the Advent program and use the circle of candles have a family (or person) hold a short devotional before the regular service, and they light a candle every week. The last service at Christmas, they light the large white candle in the center that represents Christ, and the others are blown out. It is a lovely service.

David Watts and the late Donna Ruth Watts Ash’s two sons were injured in a recent car accident in Memphis; the older boy was driving the car, and the younger boy was seriously injured. Please pray for them. Floy Ash and J.M (Flick) Ash are the grandparents of the boys. Their other grandparents are deceased. Donna Ruth was killed several months ago in a car accident.

My son, Danny Hollingsworth of Starkville, visited me recently; he was going to Memphis on business. I was happy to see him.


1. This Christmas, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

2. Jesus chose 12 apostles one day on a mountain near Galilee. They left everything behind including their jobs and families to follow Him. Jesus asks each of us to love and follow Him, obey Him and tell others about Him.

3. Our God has the power to answer prayers, meet our needs and change our lives. Give Him first place in your life! We never know what a commitment might bring.

4. Poem

God has no hands but our hands
to do his work today
He has no feet but our feet
To lead men on the way
He has no tongue but our tongue
To tell men how He died
He has no help but our help
To bring men to His side

5. As we prepare our Christmas cards to mail, may we ask God’s blessings for every person, as we address the envelopes.

On Monday, Mrs. Dennis Clayton of Bethany Baptist Church and others delivered large baskets of fruit to many of us. I really thank them for mine. A copy of “Our Daily Bread” and other pamphlets were included in the gift.

Happy birthday to Carol M. Gurley on Dec. 18 and to David Fuller and to Kristen Miller on Dec. 20. Happy wedding anniversary to Arthur and Doris Poole on Dec. 20. Happy birthday to Mary Lois Gurley on Dec. 23.

Congratulations to the Potts Camp Senior High beauties: Most Beautiful - Kali Rowland; first alternate - Chelsea Stanton; second alternate - Brooke White; third alternate - Desiree Barrett; fourth alternate - Ashley Colella. (Pictured in The South Reporter.)

Potts Camp School junior high beauties: most beautiful - Ashley Harris; first alternate - Samantha Simpson; second alternate - Tittiana Walks; third alternate - Lady McKeown; fourth alternate - Ali Cheatwood; Miss Congeniality - Twanise Harp

Hazel Foote and her sister, Pauline Hutchens, called to tell me about one of their relatives (of their mother’s family) being buried in Bethlehem Cemetery and they were not notified before the burial. Edward Free’s grave was already there, so they brought his wife, Edith, and buried her beside him. The couple lived in Collierville, Tenn. We are sorry about her death. Hazel’s daughter, June Pearson and her husband, Roy Foote, are very ill. Pray for them.

Karla Sanders, young daughter of Wendy and Jason Sanders, had her tonsils and adenoids removed in Tupelo recently, and tubes put in her ears. Get well wishes to her. Tommy and Belinda Clayton are the grandparents of Karla.

Berniece Young’s daughter, Martha Ross visited her recently. They shopped and ate lunch in New Albany.

Prayer list: Roy Foote, Terrell Lowery, Willie Miller, Lucille Hutchens, Ella Rea Whaley, Ladine Randolph, Donna Marett, Dorothy Forester, Ollie Mansel, Mary Lois Gurley, Jean Derryberry, Lena Fay Work, Betty Fincher, Lina Mae Rhea, Diane Stanton, Juanita Howell, Mary Jo Whaley, Mary Jo McCallum, June Pearson.


Sometimes I remember Christmas as a child when we would choose our toys from a Sears Roebuck sale catalogue, and how I followed James into the woods to find a perfect cedar tree. (At that time friends were glad for you to cut a Christmas tree on their land.) We hung our stockings on the fireplace mantelboard. (I still have the old mantel board with holes in it where our stockings hung.)

One night Santa put the Roman cannons too near the fireplace and they fell over in the ashes. Suddenly they started shooting all over the room. Daddy jumped out of bed and held them up the chimney. We ran outside in the cold weather to watch them shoot above the house. What a lovely sight! The next year Santa put the toys, etc. under the Christmas tree in the hall, not around the fireplace. During those Depression years we didn’t have much money, but Mother let me make candy when I was older to give to relatives and friends. I always took a box to my Uncle Peck who lived with my grandparents next door. I would put it on his dresser while he was asleep.

Many times we spent Christmas with my other grandparents in Plantersville, Dr. T.C. Harris and Annie Harris; we rode the train there. Grandpa Harris was a dear, old retired doctor. I remember sitting around Grandpa’s chair in front of the log fire, and hearing him tell of his life as a country doctor and a man of God. He also told us about how he rode off on his old horse “Tom” at age 16 to fight in the Civil War. (He never hated anyone.) Before eating, Grandpa always read a few Bible verses and prayed. I was 12 when he died. It was really sad. They had a large family. One day, when we were there, James and their cousin, Porter, were skating on the icy pond, and the ice broke with James; Porter saved his life. Mother put him to bed while she dried his longhandles in front of the big fireplace. He really fussed, and I had to laugh at him. We caught the train back home Sunday night, Daddy had to be at work on Monday. We lived in the same house I live in now and Daddy was the Potts Camp depot agent.

I have many happy memories of Christmas in the past.

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