Thursday, December 8, 2005

Behind The Scoreboard
By Claude Vinson

Texas, USC roll into big game

Before we get into this week’s offering, let’s give credit where credit is due and pay tribute to the Indianapolis Colts and their organization for posting the 12-0 record for this season.

There have been only four other NFL teams who have done likewise. The question is already being asked at every turn – is this team as good as the Miami Dolphins team which set, and still holds, the only unbeaten season record? The Dolphins went 17-0 in ’72 with a Super Bowl victory.

The Colts seem to think that it is a possibility, but the desire is second to the one to become champs. The players state that going undefeated would be great, but greater to master Super Bowl Forty.

They have a pair of tough regular season games left. And they are not against softies – the Jaguars in their own division and nipping at their heels and the Seahawks who are also ruling their division.

Is this team as good as the ’72 Dolphins? Have you ever heard the story, “The Lady Or The Tiger?”

When one watches two terrific games on TV on the same day, it leaves a euphoric feeling. Of course, the other game which I am referring to is that of the Broncos and the Chiefs. It seemed that the Chiefs were never going to drive that final nail. They had to pay the Broncos back for the loss earlier in the season, but they didn’t have to scare their fans half to death doing it. As much as I like the way the Chiefs are playing at this juncture, I refuse to put them in the playoff mix. Somehow, fallacy seems to creep into those premature calculations.

The teams in the BCS mix are clear (finally) from the top. Even the BCS computers couldn’t mess this one up. The number one team is going to meet the number two team for all the marbles in the Rose Bowl. Both teams made statements of finality last Saturday – Texas by bulldogging Colorado (70-3) in the Big Twelve and USC for walloping UCLA in the PAC Ten (66-19).

The odds are going to go crazy before game time. But the Trojans have Matt Lienhart and Reggie Bush. The former is a Heisman owner and the latter is a wannabe.

It is also too early to call this one, but a word of caution to you Longhorns – don’t go pulling any wooden horses into the arena before the game!

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