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Letters to the Editor

Question about letter:
Dear Editor,

I have a question. When you received the letter from Frank Houck, was it written in crayon?

Bill Baston
Potts Camp

Inspiring crosses:
Dear Sir:

This is an open letter to the members of the church located at the Victoria exit on Highway 78. I have been traveling to Olive Branch from Holly Springs for about two-1/2 years, and I would like to express my appreciation for the three crosses which are so awe inspiring. The sight of this brightly lit reminder fills me full of peace and joy each morning as I am reminded that I am not traveling the road alone. Those three crosses have been a mighty witness to me, and I am sure to each person who sees them.

Thank you.
Sarah Brigance

Observations on reply:
Dear Editor,

Frank Houck expressed his right to disagree with Lois Swanee and President Bush, and who can dispute that right? However, Mr. Houck expressed his disagreement with unnecessary hyperbole, vehemence, and venom, and we all know the unique origin of venom.

As a student of literature, I have especially enjoyed reading Robert Browning’s dramatic monologues in which the speakers attempt to condemn their adversaries but invariably reveal more condemnatory details about themselves than they do about their objects of dislike. So Mr. Houck.

Mr. Houck presumes facts not in evidence and generalizes and resorts to the hyperbole, a fault which I also have and guard against; and I name this fault the Arkansas Hyperbole since I use it, as do so many of my fellows from my home state of Arkansas.

Mr. Houck presumes, almost certainly erroneously, that Ms. Swanee not only listens to Rush Limbough but is guided and instructed by him, and he presumes to suggest that she should instead listen to religious instructions on radio programs. I am no admirer of Limbough, but I question how Mr. Houck knows [omniscience?] that Limbough is “kept on the air by Republicans for the sole reason to separate the American people.”

That statement does not withstand a logical analysis for two or three reasons. First of all, he probably means “for the sole purpose of dividing.” Then, I know that Ms. Swanee is far too busy to spend much time listening to Limbough or religious programs. Besides, she has an independence of mind which transcends any and all radio talk. Mr. Houck’s accusation falls on its face.

Then Mr. Houck avers that President Bush “deliberately sends off people to die for his own personal reasons.” This assertion assumes a depth and breadth of perversion and baseness of soul beyond the limits of Mr. Houck’s or any human faculties to fathom another human’s soul, and therefore also defies a logical analysis.

Mr. Houck also presumes omniscience when he asserts that when President Bush speaks all should recognize the words as “either a lie or a cover-up.” Such a statement is not a disagreement; rather it is defamatory and an assassination of character, and venomous in nature. And we know the unique origin of venom.

Mr. Houck is against the death penalty, he proclaims, for all perpetrators of atrocities and murders, but would indict, convict, put to death arbitrarily, without benefit of jury, President Bush for his crimes against our soldiers in Iraq. This statement requires a depth of analysis which transcends human understanding. And most certainly, mine. It is certainly not traitorous or unpatriotic to disagree, but to defame and libel and spew forth venom...? And we know the unique source of venom.

(Quite apart from Mr. Houck’s other statements, it has been my experience that the person against capital punishment usually, I repeat usually, contradictorily condones or advocates the death of the innocent unborn. If it turns out that Mr. Houck condones the death of innocents (and I certainly do not claim the omniscience which he presumes to have at two or three moments in his letter,) it would be a strange contradiction of principles.)

As a 19-year-old lieutenant in the infantry in Korea, I know about fighting and dying for a cause. At that time there were about 400 in my infantry company. I was in Korea for about nine months, and approximately one or two persons in my company were killed or wounded each of the nine months which I endured in those miserable mountains (or almost 400 or almost 100% casualties).

If I had read Mr. Houck’s letter at that time in Korea, I would have vomited on the spot. More than once. I pity Mr. Houck’s son serving in Vietnam with a father like him “supporting” him, and am gratified that the son did not have to read his father’s venomous letter (consider the source), written years later.

I guess that we all should applaud Mr. Houck when he avers that he wishes we could all “get back to the truth,” and feel pity for him when he further avers that if we could find one decent person (meaning one decent Republican), “just one,” he emphasizes, “we could get back to the truth.”

I have been in Holly Springs for a relatively brief time, but already I know dozens of decent Democrats, and six or seven more decent Republicans. I feel sorry for Mr. Houck who has not found a single decent Republican in Holly Springs, or in Mississippi, or the United States, or the whole universe. And he avers that he seeks the truth.

If Mr. Houck really seeks the truth, as he avers, I trust that he is the ultimate truth-seeker and a seasoned and robust long-distance runner.

Col. Charles Long
MA [English]; MA [German];
PhD [Comparative Literature]
and Professor of English
and Germanic Philology Emeritus
545 W. Woodward
Holly Springs

Disturbing reports:
Dear Sir:

Recently, I have read or seen a number of disturbing reports in the mass media and reports from friends around the country who had discovered similar stories about religious intolerance.

One church refused to admit a person who was a prostitute. Another august church refused membership to a homeless man. A third church refused to allow an unwed mother into their ranks. Another one didn’t want a man to join because his job was “un-Christian like.” I believe he was a bookie.

Now, if I remember correctly, having read the Bible three or four times, Jesus purposefully and repeatedly went to preach to so-called “sinners.” He preached to the prostitutes, the tax collectors, the homeless, the diseased and infirmed, the Sadducees and Pharisees, the poor, and even the homosexuals. Wow! Amazing!

I wonder if Jesus came back as a homeless man, or an unwed mother, or a gay man, would we all just slam the door in His face? According to the Bible and to God, we are all sinners and all sins are equal; there are no greater or lesser sins. How many of us have said a few choice words of dubious nature this week (including “darn” and “shucks,” since these are just variations of curse words), or looked at a beautiful house and said, “I wish I lived there?” A jaywalker breaking the law sins as much as a murderer. Only we puny humans have the audacity to flaunt God and to prioritize sins. I do not believe that is our place — it is God’s.

Perhaps it is time to take a long, hard look at ourselves. Does the church you belong to really do what Jesus would do, or just follow a branch of rules and traditions written by sinners of today and long ago?

Bruce E. Reed

Reply to Mr. Houck:
Mr. Houck,

You should be ashamed of yourself! Let’s not forget to mention that in your letter, you contradict yourself many times. Obviously your inner hate, believing the democratic lie machine and taking the liberal spin cycle as the truth, has affected your train of adult thought.

You refer to Christians several times throughout your letter. I wonder, are you a Christian? You have an amount of hate in you and explode with it several times? Mrs. Swanee’s sole effort was to voice her opinion about constant attacks by left wing liberal groups such as the ACLU and atheists. Just in case you did not know, the ACLU is a democratic party supporter, much like that would like nothing better then to remove any reference of our God and his son Jesus Christ from everything they can find.

There was no attack in her letter on anyone. However, your hate and lies jumped on her thoughts and beliefs. You even condemn our military for their actions and bravery. Here is another little fact you apparently wish to ignore. The military you so openly disgrace as “dumb and dying for no reason,” they have been fighting and dying for hundreds of years to give ungrateful liberal socialists like you the ability to voice your hate!

You want to gag some people and stop them from voicing their opinion. Here is a news flash, Mr. Houck. We have something called the first amendment. It gives us the freedom of speech, but I guess you would like that gone also, unless it is people much like you pushing your liberal socialist agenda and propaganda.

Mr. Houck, you attack our president. That’s fine. You disagree with what he and Congress are doing in the war on terror. You want to see him “put to death.’ Sir, you may want to seek professional help for your hatred. Here is a hint. If I were you, I might want to look around and behind me. The Secret Service takes statements like that very seriously.

You state that the President of the United States, George W. Bush, sent our troops off to war to die for no reason. Again, you don’t tell the truth; this seems to be a pattern with you. The past 14 years, every presidential administration has had to face the fact of Sadam’s growing nuclear and chemical threat. Mr. Clinton is on the record many times stating that very fact. Mr. Kerry was big in the final decision to go to war with Iraq. Mrs. Clinton has spoken recently on the positives of the U.S. removing Sadam from power and supported the war.

Just in case you want to know, that dictator you are supporting killed over five hundred thousand of his own people with chemical weapons. Why, you might ask? They disagreed with his political governing. Aren’t you glad America is not like that, Mr. Houck?

Here is an interesting tidbit. Sadam was very much like Hitler. Should the United States have let him get by with murder, rape and gassing of innocent Jews, also?

Another fact you apparently do not know, and there appear to be very many of them, the United States military has found thousands of pounds of material that was used to manufacture WMD’s in Iraq. This, however, does not coincide with the liberal media’s agenda, so it is not reported.

Do some research and locate the truth. You sure can’t find it on the major networks and newspapers you are watching and reading. Oh, by the way, Mr. Houck, you may want to listen to Mr. Limbaugh and others. They will help you get a better understanding of the truth and what is going on in the real world.

Maybe you have forgotten that terrorists tried to bring down the World Trade Center by setting off bombs in the parking garage. Or that over 3,000 Americans died on September 11, 2001 in an unprovoked attack. Maybe you have forgotten that Iraq was harboring terrorists and did nothing to stop training camps from opening in Iraq. Or, Mr. Houck, are you one of those liberal democrats who believes America deserved those attacks?

For debate reasons, let’s just say President Bush would have pulled a typical “Clinton response.”

I’m sure you know that type of response I am speaking of. Blow up an aspirin factory, talk big and bad to scare the terrorists, then do nothing. He turned his back on the USS Cole sailors that died in Oman, or maybe he got the United Nations to impose more sanctions that did not work, due to the oil for food scandal. Then let’s presume, God forbid, the Sears Tower in Chicago had a plane fly into it a few months or even a year after 9/11, what would you and your socialist liberals be talking and writing about now?

I have an idea for you, Mr. Houck; call over to Iraq and let Sadam’s defense attorneys call you and your liberal democrat socialist agenda buddies as his witnesses. Life in Iraq may fit all of you better than the life and freedoms you appear to hate and are trying to destroy here in the U.S.A.

May God bless America. And I pledge allegiance to her.

Please feel free to call me if you wish to debate the truth, not baldface lies and liberal spin. We are in the phone book.

Dave Young, chairman
Marshall County Republican Party

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