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Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Stones visited by Gholston sisters

Hazel Foote and daughter June spent Thanksgiving Day in Oxford at the nursing home with her husband, Roy Foote. We are sorry that he is in such a bad condition; he did not recognize them. Also June Pearson is suffering with problems in her arm. Get well wishes to June!

We are saddened by the recent death of Bro. Leonard Howell, age 71. He pastored Baptist churches in Myrtle, New Albany, Louisville, Pontotoc, Ripley and Hickory Flat. We send our love and sympathy to his large family: his wife, Dorothy Humphreys Howell; three sons, three sisters, three brothers, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren and five step-grandchildren. Many of them live in Potts Camp. They are a special family. Services were held on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at Temperance Hill Baptist Church; burial was in the church cemetery.


(Lessons I’ve learned over the years)

1. Put God first in your heart and He will bless you.

2. Make someone happy and you will be happy too.

3. The wonderful gift of the love of Jesus as our Savior was never intended to be secret. Share it with love and kindness to everyone you know.

4. Music is one of God’s great blessings, especially when we sing hymns of “Praise to God.”

5. God loves a cheerful giver! Share what you have and it will be given back to you.

6. God forgives us if we have strong faith in Him and pray the sinner’s prayer; when we do wrong. Praise His Holy Name! “The miracle of the new birth can change anyone when we say ‘yes’ to the grace of God.”

7. Be happy and laugh a lot — give God your worries.

We were also sorry about the sudden death of a man, Charles Porter, who had a sudden stroke in his car. We extend our love and sympathy to his family. He lived in the Bethlehem area near Potts Camp.

Mary Minor and Jeanette Stone visited me on Saturday. They are daughters of Mary Lois Gurley, a lifetime friend and former classmate. She has a large, wonderful family!

Happy birthday to Betty Greer (my daughter) on Dec. 11, also to Audrey Poole on Dec. 11, Bobby M.E. Stanton on Dec. 12, and to Hazel Ferrell on Dec. 12. Happy birthday to Ollie Mansel on Dec. 14, and Kathy Sanderson Dec. 15, also Michael Tate on Dec. 15; to Wendy Lilea Poole on Dec. 16. My birthday is Dec. 16 also.

Three sisters, Joan Cox, Elizabeth Hunsucker and Maxine Avent of Memphis, visited T.M. and Annie Ruth Stone on Wednesday, Nov. 30. They were the former Gholston girls who grew up in Potts Camp; we are always happy to see them. They attend the Potts Camp School reunion every year.

Louise Pruitt’s son, Danny Jackson and his family of Oblong, Ill., visited her for several days recently during the Thanksgiving week. They brought two of Mrs. Pruitt’s great-grandchildren with them. They are Paige, age 9, and Daniel, age 11.

Other children of Louise who joined them for dinner were Dale, Bonnie, Jimmy and J.J. It was almost like a family reunion!

Jo Ann Potts of Olive Branch visited me recently. She was the wife of my late brother, Rev. Lindy Potts; he preached in Mississippi Methodist Church for 42 years. She told me that all the family met at the home of her aunt Doris Goode for Thanksgiving. That was where her mother, the late Evelyn Bready, lived before her recent death.

Prayer list: Diane Stanton, Ladine Randolph, Roy Foote, Pauline Hutchens, Willie Miller, Dorothy Forester, Ella Rea Whaley, Juanita Howell, Lucille Hutchens, Lena Faye Work, Lina Mae Rhea, Jean Derryberry, Mary Jo Whaley, Mary Lois Gurley, Mary Jo McCallum, Terrell Lowery, Donna Marett, Maxine Potts.


One day I found a letter written by my mother, Mae Potts, in 1951 to my late brother, Charles (Lindy) Potts. He was an MP in the Air Force in Northern USA. She told him that the old Alvis house, across the street which was bought for a teachers’ home, was being demolished, so they could build a new one. Mother was ill at that time; she needed Lindy at home to drive her to the hospital or doctor some times. Daddy could not leave his job at the Potts Camp Depot during working hours. (He was sent home to help her.) From the time Lindy was a child, people expected him to follow in his dad’s footsteps, and work for the railroad.

Even the conductor on the train would pat him on his head and tell him what a good railroad worker he would become. (They let him ride in the train engine and blow the whistle.)

My mother had other plans for him! When he was a baby, he almost died with scarlet fever; four doctors came to our home to help him. I feel like Mother’s prayers included turning him over to work for the Lord if he lived; as a baby, almost 8 months old, he played the part of Baby Jesus in a church play; I was his mother Mary.

As a young man, Lindy took the tests to become a railroad man, he passed them, all but one; he was colorblind and they wouldn’t hire him, so he entered Ole Miss College. Mother died in 1952. He preached his first sermon in 1953. (Our son, age 15, Jimmy, also preached for the first time that year.)

Lindy was about 20 so they sent him to Hickory Flat Methodist Church; he had three churches. That’s where he met his wife, Jo Ann Bready; she was his pianist.

Lindy was a wonderful, unique preacher. He visited everyone on the charge, and helped many of them.

He visited and preached in jails and paid fines for many of them. He helped Daddy after mother died, I would call him if Daddy was sick and he would take him to the hospital and stay with him. He helped my family, also paid part of my hospital bill when Danny was born and bought him a baby bed, also my first pair of good working shoes.

He drove me to funerals and to the hospital to see relatives. Lindy helped other relatives and friends over the years also. He preached 42 years before his death.

Lindy and Jo had three children, Alan, Dean and Pam.

My mother’s prayers were answered! I still miss him after almost 10 years.

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