Thursday, December 8, 2005

Morning fire totals BizMedia

Staff Writer

A 58-year-old Holly Springs business burned Wednesday, November 30, and was a total loss.

BizMedia, formerly known as Bailey Printing until the name was changed a couple of years ago, is owned by Joyce Wright and operated with the help of production manager Shelly Sharpe. Wright said customers can still get their jobs done and should call 252-2871 to check on orders or to place one. Messages are being checked several times a day, she said.

BizMedia will reopen sometime this week at 130B East College Avenue under Granny Walnut’s in the former location of Holly Springs Printing Co.

“All our customers’ files have been maintained and are okay,” Wright said. “We are backed up to produce work now. If anything needs to be done, we can do it.

Wright intends to rebuild the business with help of her business associates.

“It will be better than ever,” she said. “We like what we do and there is no reason not to. We are just going to have to figure out a different way to do it.”

She thanked police chief Patricia Selman and fire chief Kenny Holbrook for the work they did to contain the fire and provide public safety.

“We want to thank them because they were right there and supportive,” Wright said. “They are our customers and our saviors in this instance.”

Holbrook said the fire could have done more structural damage but the fire had “pretty much shut itself down before it was discovered.”

The fire had burned up all the oxygen in the building, he said, when firefighters arrived. Fire crews stationed equipment around the building before breaking the front door window out to attack the fire. Holbrook said once the fire gets the oxygen it needs, it will ignite to flames.

“It was pretty much a textbook attack on the fire,” said Holbrook.

“The fire was in the backdraft stage, the most dangerous time to attack a fire, and our men stopped it in its tracks.”

Contents were heat, smoke and water damaged, with plastics on computer and communications equipment and even the water cooler melted. The paint on the ceiling blistered and fell off but luckily the fire never got a chance to involve the roof and other wood structures.

Holbrook praised his firefighters who, he said, handled the job perfectly, and Kevin Thomas and other bystanders who assisted in helping straighten hoses at a safe distance. He said the origin of the fire is under investigation.

Wright said documents she found when she purchased the building indicated that the business operated under the name Brown Printing as early as 1947 and became Bailey’s Printing in 1979.

Marshall County Tax Collector Betty Byrd provided further details since the business was once owned by her father.

“Red Brown owned it,” she said.

The Baileys moved to Holly Springs in 1964 at the invitation of George Yarbrough, owner of The South Reporter who needed someone to operate the news press and do other print jobs coming in to the news office.

Bailey was previously employed as a press operator at the Star Herald in Kosciusko.

“Daddy trained Lincoln (Martin) and he was one of Daddy’s pall bearers,” Byrd said. Daddy eventually got into photography but it all boiled down to printing. That was his first love. He ran Bailey Photography and sold CB radios.”

Byrd said she was upset about the loss of the business because of the connection she and her family had to it.

“I worked there a lot as a kid,” she said. “It seems like another part of his (Raymond Bailey’s) life is closing. It was a family business and we all worked there.”

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