Thursday, December 1, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones


My Christmas joy started this year on Thanksgiving Eve. That’s the night I took my oldest granddaughter to Memphis and the new Cannon Center downtown to see the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker production.

Most of us have gone to see the Nutcracker since the Binkster was about 5 years old. We’ve tried several times taking the Gremlin. She enjoys the first little bit and the souvenir shopping, but after that, she’s ready to go home.

So this year, Binky, my brother Dennis and I went and began our celebration of the season.

Thanksgiving Day, that same brother, who enjoys the ballet quite a bit and loves the Nutcracker, was grousing and complaining because my niece and I were playing Christmas music while we cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

“We’ve got to listen to that for 30 more days. Turn it off!” And I left out a couple words!

Sister and I are polar opposites from Dennis.

“We’ve only got 30 days to listen to that. Turn it up! And sing with it!” I like our version much better!

Even though Christmas is coming and I love Christmas, I’m always a little saddened when Thanksgiving is finally over.

My niece and her family have to go home and the mad rush begins.

I think this year, I’m not going to do the mad rush. I think I’m going to be calm and slow and try to enjoy buying the perfect present instead of everything I see.

I know you’re thinking “yeah, right!” And I probably will get caught up in the mad rush anyway. I always do somehow.

Maybe though, if I sing carols while I’m rushing around in a panic, I’ll feel calmer?

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

Only 24 shopping days left...

• I’ve been passed a message that the request Janet Jolley and I have put in for a quilt exhibit space during the Pilgrimage has been presented and is being pondered. If you’re one of the ones pondering, may I add our sincere “please and thank yous!”

We already have offers of several antique quilts to display, along with wonderful Christmas quilts (yes, even in April, they’re beautiful and that gives you enough time to plan a Christmas quilt for the next year).

I’m planning to exhibit the quilts that Milton Winter’s great-grandmother made in the 1920s-30s. And one I made for my brother with photos on it. I’m very proud of that one!

And the Marshall County MHV clubs are planning to exhibit their wonderful quilting skills also.

When we have a definite location, you’ll be the first to know! Call me or Janet and let us exhibit your quilt, please. Janet - 252-3541, or me, 252-4261.

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