Thursday, December 1, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Sincere thanks expressed:
Dear Editor,

Dallas and Christy Hunsucker would like to thank all our friends and family who have helped and supported us when we needed it most, and for the great turn-out for the benefit for us.

May God bless you.

Thank you again,
Dallas, Christy and family

Reply to letter:
Dear Editor,

I must reply to Lois Swanee’s remarks on patriotism. Ms. Swanee you must know that just because someone disagrees with your Golden Cow does not make that person unpatriotic or a traitor.

You speak of Christianity in this country and I suggest you listen to religious programs on the radio instead of Rush Limbough. Rush is kept on the air by Republicans for the sole reason to separate the American people.

I always felt that a Christian didn’t seek revenge or be a witness to destroying another man’s character. I believe the parties that do constantly destroy another man’s character should be gagged. When a man deliberately sends people off to die for his own personal reasons, then he should be criticized.

Every time your Golden Cow opens his mouth you should know that it is either a lie or a cover-up. If anyone openly disagrees, then that person becomes unpatriotic or a traitor. You are one of their tools that are counted on to spread this garbage.

Yes, you can call me unpatriotic or a traitor because I openly disagree with your Golden Cow. I am against the death penalty, but I will agree to it this one time. I agree that George W. Bush should be indicted, convicted and put to death for his unjust war.

You probably would like to use the old adage that our troops are so dumb that they don’t know they are fighting and dying for only one reason. That reason, in my mind, is only to protect the rights of the Commander in Chief. He has the right to send them off to die with or without that reason.

What support can we give our troops? We can do as I did for my son in the Vietnam War. We can pray for them to return home safely. There is nothing else I can do and I sure am not going to tell them the Golden Cow has their safety in mind.

My support of the troops will not keep them from walking into a trap and having their legs blown off. My support will not keep a car from exploding in their midst.

America does have two leading political parties in this country.

Which one of them has the majority of every law passed or covered up? Which party controls all of the hearings and investigations?

If we could get back to the truth and had a decent person (just one) in your party then we could all be patriotic and none of us will be traitors.

Frank Houck
Holly Springs

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