Thursday, November 24, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones


I try every year at Thanksgiving to really give a lot of thought as to exactly what I’m thankful for. And I’m usually quite surprised at my bounteous blessings.

I also find the older I get, the more like my father I get. Seems like I live on Memory Lane most of the time. Thanksgiving is no exception!

I am so thankful for...

  • my wonderful, beautiful, funny, smart, loving, perfect granddaughters.

  • the rest of my family. I have a great daughter, a great son and a wonderful husband (someone asked me one time if I was stranded on a desert island, who would I take. I never had to think twice. Pop and his “Leatherman” pocket knife and wonder-tool would be all anyone would need to survive forever in the wilderness.). And I have two great brothers. Not to mention my favorite niece and her family; my friend Jane who is so dear to my heart; my church family, my South Reporter family and I could go on and on. I am blessed with family and friends.

  • being able to sit with my mother as a youngster and watch her sew and learn to love it as much as she did. I’ll never sew as well as she did, but I do love it as much.

  • having strict parents as a child. I thought growing up that my mother was so mean! By my 13th birthday, I was convinced the only reason she existed was to ruin my life! She had the nerve to refuse to let me go on a car date on my 13th birthday with a 16-year-old “boyfriend” who’d just gotten his driver’s license. She had some crazy idea that I wasn’t “old” enough. Imagine!

  • and my in-laws — my mother-in-law is now in a nursing home and doesn’t understand why she’s there and why we won’t bring her back home. She can’t remember where “home” is though. She and my late father-in-law were the world’s best grandparents to our kids (my parents passed away when our children were very young). I can still see my father-in-law (Popa) driving everywhere in his 1971 gold Impala with our son Kris standing at his shoulder, co-piloting. Kris stood there beside Popa until he was just way too tall.

  • and I can’t forget where I live. My house is tucked into what our late elderly neighbor used to call a “thicket.” We are surrounded by beautiful woods and off in the distance we have great neighbors. I can sit on my back deck and watch deer and turkey. And the squirrels and birds play on the “fort” that our granddaughters have outgrown. It is a breathtaking sight in the spring with the dogwoods in bloom. In the summer it’s green and beautiful; in the fall it’s blazing with incredible color and in the winter when it snows it is truly a wonderland.

For all this and so much more, I give thanks...

(30 Days to Christmas!)

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