Thursday, November 24, 2005

Letters to the Editor

I’m looking for a friend:
Dear Sir,

My name is Donald Williams, and I’m currently living in Georgia. I served in the military for 20 years and I’m looking for a friend who is from Holly Springs.

His name is Kenneth Allen and we served at Ft. Benning, Ga. from 1987-89. I know that he has family there so if you could, please help me out. My nickname is “Chill” and my email address is

Thank you
Donald Williams

Everything changes:
Dear Editor,

Change! Everything changes! Absolutely nothing remains the same except Jesus Christ. He is the only constant.

I come from a generation of Americans who loved and love America. We taught it to our children to pass it on. If you have ever been abroad, you realize that there is no place as great as America and I am thankful to be an American.

The thing that has changed the most in America is the horrible way that some of our leading citizens seem to have lost their patriotism and are committing the perfect crime of assassinating our president without a bullet. They don’t like the fact that things didn’t go to suit them. These people are our leaders and supposed to be of great character since they are running our country. Or are they ruining America?

Can’t you see our enemy across the way smirking and enjoying the downfall of America from within — or as that Russian leader said decades ago — that America will fall from within because of the hate that’s eating its inner core.

We were created as a Christian nation with God’s help. But when we try to kick God out of the schools, throw out the Ten Commandments and think we are smart enough to be self-sufficient without God, don’t you think God is going to say one day — “enough!”?

The television “smarties” that attack the President are doing a good job of spreading their hate and I can’t imagine being a party to it.

America has two political parties now and one of them has changed more than anything else in our history and should change their name to “Radicals.”

If we keep thumbing our noses at the Lord, at this Thanksgiving season, the phrase “God Bless America” seems ludicrous.

Lois Swanee
Holly Springs

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