Thursday, November, 17, 2005

Carey Chapel & Mt. Pleasant News
Allene Teel

First Baptist hosts pot-luck Sunday

The members of First Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant, will celebrate Thanksgiving with a pot-luck meal after church service on Sunday morning, Nov. 20.

Several in the community attended Hells’ Fire and Heaven’s Gate performance at Barton Baptist Church Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night.

Phillip Teel is very sick. He needs our prayers. He is a patient in ICU at Baptist Hospital, Memphis.

Harold Fortner had surgery at St. Francis Hospital on Wednesday. He is recuperating at home.

Dixie Bumpas is improving after a brief stay at Methodist North Hospital. She is staying with her sister in Memphis.

My daughter, Martha Fant, of Holly Springs, visited me on Sunday afternoon. We took advantage of the nice weather and walked across the sand ditch to the west side of the property and talked about days gone by. My children spent many hours playing in the sand ditch while growing up.

I Remember

As a girl growing up we didn’t have all the electronic games that kids have today to entertain themselves. We had to find ways to entertain ourselves. We played “house” outside under a big shade tree. We made mud pies and cakes decorating them with wild flowers. We would go to the sand ditch to make sand castles, jump off the sand ditch banks and swing on wild grape vines. On rainy days my sister and I played with paper dolls cut from the Sears and Roebuck catalog. We would use the big size empty match boxes for cars. We did a lot of make-believe. My sister was Miss Cox and I was Miss Vera. We had a lot of fun taking our paper dolls to church and to the store in their match box cars.

I remember different ones in the community did entertaining in their homes by having ice cream suppers . The men did all the work when it came to freezing the ice-cream and the wives baked the cakes. Everyone brought their own bowl and spoon. After eating all that cold ice-cream and cake it was time to play games. The ones I remember are snap, spin the bottle, and pleased or displeased. 

We also played games at school. The ones I remember are dodge ball, jump rope, red rover- red rover, drop the handkerchief and London Bridges.

In the winter after a big snow we kids would go out to the playground at school, and throw snowballs at one another. I remember a boy put a rock in a snowball and hit me on my neck. It sure did hurt. I decided to get even and made my own rock snowball and hit him in the face. I quickly ran into the school building. He called me a chicken.

All these memories bring back the good old days.

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