Thursday, November, 17, 2005

Board hears hunting concern

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Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson agreed Monday to set up a meeting between community residents, hunting club leaders and Mississippi Fish and Wildlife representatives to resolve problems of stray bullets hitting barns and vehicles.

Dickerson made the offer to mediate the problem after Laurie Moss and her neighbor came to the board to see what, if anything, supervisors could recommend be done about the matter.

Moss said several properties in her neighborhood back up to hunting club land. She asked if the county has any restrictions where hunters can shoot and use their high-powered rifles. She and her neighbor Dale Segar had already contacted officials with Mississippi Game and Fish Commission without any results, Segar said.

Board attorney Tacey Clark Clayton reported that the assistant attorney general with Mississippi Game and Fish Commission said the matter is governed by state law - that local boards can do very little in such matters.

Moss said the hunting club is situated between two subdivisions. She is concerned that her teenage children cannot go outside to play during hunting season (deer season).

“It is a safety issue,” she said.

Supervisor Keith Taylor acknowledged the board has no authority in the matter but he wanted the board to refer the residents to the authorities who can do something.

Supervisor Ronnie Bennett said Game and Fish already has laws about where hunters can fire a weapon and where they cannot.

Clayton said she was advised that boards would have a hard time getting a local ordinance through the court system. She advised Segar that filing a complaint with the sheriff could get her car window replaced.

Segar said she was not interested in compensation.

“It is just a stray bullet,” she said. “I want safety. I have 10 grandchildren. I can afford replacing a window. It is ruining my property value. How could I sell it to a family with children?”

Moss added that she moved to Marshall County where her children could be free to play.

“There’s no freedom,” she said.

At that juncture, Dickerson agreed to meet with Segar and Moss to set up a meeting with the Fish and Wildlife authorities and the hunting club leaders to advise the club of problems neighbors have had.

The board heard other reports and concerns.

Engineer’s Report
The board approved a change order and supplemental agreement with the contractor to provide washed gravel for Strickland Road, now under reconstruction.

County engineer Larry Britt said money has been transferred for funds to add an extra inch of overlay on portions of Cayce Road.

The board also approved Phase II of Twin Oaks Subdivision subject to the repair of a dip in the road.

Britt said the county has decided to scratch plans for curb and gutter and concrete pipes in widening the intersection at Wingo and Cayce roads.

Zoning concerns
The board tabled a request from Rev. Robert Brown to overturn a zoning board ruling against the congregation’s plan to relocate New Beginnings Church on lot 270 at Interstate Farm Subdivision located at Red Hills Road off Stonewall outside Byhalia.

Zoning director Conway Moore said the planning commission ruled because of subdivision covenants prohibiting non-residential uses.

Supervisors Report
Louise Plaxico asked the board to finish paving Musgray Road and put Taylor Road on the list of roads to be paved.

Supervisor Ronnie Joe Bennett noted that Musgray Road, a seven mile gravel road off Potts Camp Road that terminates at U.S. 78, has been getting paving in increments. He said it could take two years to finish the entire road because money is scarce.

Plaxico argued that other districts in the county are getting paving improvements and asked why the county is only paving small segments of Musgray Road at a time. She added she would like to build back a house on Taylor Road where hers burned.

Bennett explained that paving goes down first where the largest number of houses can be served.

“I’m trying to get people out of the dust and mud,” he said.

Only about one-quarter mile of paving on Musgray is needed to get pavement to Taylor Road, he said.

“Money is the main thing,” said Bennett. “We don’t usually put priority on one house on a dead end road. I’m trying to help everyone.”

Plaxico asked to go on the record with her request.

“We would appreciate more concern,” she said.

Supervisor George Zinn III asked about plans for a county animal shelter and was told a layout has not been drawn up as yet.

In this regard, the board rescinded by unanimous vote an animal control ordinance it passed October 10, 2005. No discussion of the reason for rescinding took place in open session.

The board passed a board order request from Supervisor Taylor to clean out a drainage ditch on private property on Deer Creek Road. The cleaning will remove debris that has been clogging several culverts and drains in the area.

In other matters, the board:

  • approved the mid-month claims docket for $48,277.
  • approved travel for election commissioners and the circuit clerk to travel for training on new election machines.
  • opened bids for a dual axle trailer and new dump truck. Power Equipment Company was sole bidder on two trailers at $17,000 each. Tri-State Mack was sole bidder on a dump truck and 16-foot bed at $91,250.
  • heard a concern from Tim Shaw relative to a hearing for a relative.
  • approved a board request for a meeting with representatives from the City of Holly Springs to discuss equipment and how to pay for revenue shortfalls in the E-911 dispatch service. The county is requesting the meeting for 11 a.m. Monday, November 21 at the county board room.

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