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Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Gray home setting for mini-class reunion recently

We are thankful that the people on the coast where the hurricanes hit are getting help. Remember to pray for them.

Thanks to members of Bethany Church for the nice platter of food they delivered to me on Saturday. May God bless them!

A large crowd of friends and relatives attended a stork shower on Sunday afternoon at Temperance Hill Baptist Church for Diane Riles. Diane is the daughter of Sue Edgar Wilkerson.

Merion and David Hunsucker of Ashland and their daughter, Tommie Cobb and daughter Kinsey of Myrtle, were guests of Merion’s mother, Joyce and Joel Clayton on Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday, Nov. 6, Mitch Stone, Jr. presented a gospel music program to residents of Trinity Mission Health and Rehab. Attending with Mitch were his wife, Jeanette and her sister Mary Minor. Following the program, they visited Ella Rea Whaley, one of the residents and a good friend of the family.

Several members of the Potts Camp Class of 1959 met at the home of James and Thomas Ann Gray in Hickory Flat on Saturday, Nov. 12 for a mini-class reunion. Attending were James and Thomas Ann Gray, Jimmy and Freida Hankins, James and Faye Smith, Thurman and Diane Clayton and two grandchildren, David and Pat Bumpas, Barbara Dunn Shepard, Frances Dunn Daws, June Gurley Watson, Mary Gurley Minor, Ellen Humphreys, Jim and Wilma Spencer Rhea, Katherine Greer Sundstrom, and guest Wanda Holbrook. Plans are to have another reunion in the spring of 2006 at the same location.


I. There are two kinds of missionaries — one is sent to other countries by the Board of Mission to preach the gospel of Christ. We are also God’s missionaries when we learn to love and care for all the people like Jesus loves us, even though sometimes we feel like they don’t deserve it. Every person is worth caring for!

II. Christ left the grave one glorious day, and vanquished death and sin. He opened wide the gates of heaven so we might enter in.

III. In the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:29-35) Jesus said, “Which of these three men were a good neighbor to him who fell among thieves?” The answer “He who showed mercy.” Who in our neighborhood needs kind words or kind deeds or friendship today? Jesus calls us to show compassion and to love others and God with all our hearts, and our neighbors as ourselves.

Happy birthday to Carrie Jewell Taylor on Nov. 15, to Kyle Poole on Nov. 10, Nikkie P. Gurley on Nov. 11, to Harold Green on Nov. 12, to Jackie Hart Wilson on Nov. 14, to Virgie Kelly on Nov. 13.

Graveside services were held at Cornersville Cemetery on Nov. 7 for C.M. Loper, age 88 (people called him Jack) of Biloxi. His parents were the late Joe Loper and Bea Kirk. His parents and other brothers all grew up in Cornersville. They attended school at Potts Camp. He leaves one brother, James O. Loper of California. We extend our love and sympathy to him. Joe Loper served as State Representative at one time. He had one arm. I remember him. He reared the boys after their mother died. James O. Loper keeps in touch with us. He enjoys The South Reporter. Many of Jack’s classmates have called me.

We send our love and sympathy to George and Dorothy Wicker in the recent death of his brother, Ross Dickey in Knoxville, Tenn.

A large crowd attended the track meet at Potts Camp School on Saturday.

Mary Box, my new friend from Ripley, whose family members have several families and friends in this area (most of them are deceased), came to visit me on Monday. Her late husband was related to the Vera Churchill family, the late Lucille Pierce, the Claytons and Annie R. Stone’s father, Sidney Holley, and others.

Prayer list: Minnie Lee Maxey, Pauline Hutchens, Martha Ross, Maxine Potts, Betty Fincher, Ollie Mansel, Margaret Waters (my cousin) Lena Faye Work, David Jo Humphreys, Dene Randolph, Mary Jo McCallum, Jean Derryberry, Dudley Thompson, Dorothy Forester, Willie Miller, Adelle Hudson, Lucille Hutchens, Donna Marett, Mary Lois Gurley, Juanita Howell, Roy Foote, Willie Thomas Wicker.

Memories of 1986

Potts Camp Civic Club was very active in 1986! One of the exciting events that year was the “Million Dollar Walk” for Humanity by the Habitat group. They stopped in 128 towns during the walk from Georgia to Kansas City. When they reached Potts Camp, the P.C. Civic Club sponsored dinner and a resting place for them, behind the First Baptist Church, a shady, grass-covered area (now covered with buildings for the church). We enjoyed meeting the people of all ages from many states that day.

The Civic Club met at the Memorial Museum or at the homes of the members once a month; we always had interesting guest speakers; I usually chose Lola Autry as my guest speaker, she showed films of countries where she had traveled; one was to Russia to deliver Bibles.

Annie Sue Bright, daughter of Dr. Grant and Sue Taylor Grant, donated a quilt to the Memorial Museum; it was made in 1910 by the Potts Camp Methodist Church and had 150 names on it. It had been in the Taylor family all those years until her aunt Annie died.

Members of Potts Camp class of 1936 celebrated its 50th reunion at Linda’s Country Kitchen at Lake Center. Members attending were Lurline Cook, Jeff N. Overton, Fred Boren ( preacher), Dale R. Hollingsworth, C.B. Bennett’s wife and daughter, Fred Boren’s wife, and Lurline Cook’s husband. We enjoyed the reunion. T.M. Stone treated us to dinner in New Albany on Sunday after church services the next day.

Women at the Potts Camp Food site made a quilt that year to help fund the program. Their pictures and bus driver, Jimmie Collins, appeared in The South Reporter; they were Lorene McCallum, Josie Shaw, Lurline Pierce, Ethel Simmons and Inez Jarrett (all are deceased except Inez Jarrett).

Other quilters were Rhello Smith, Meritta Walker, Cora Mann, and Alene Payne. Tickets were sold; Jimmie Collins (now Potts Camp mayor) sold the most tickets.

Gay Garrison won the quilt; it brought $400 to help the Food Site program.

Betty Greer, my daughter, drove her West Union students to Amory to visit the railroad museum. Later she drove me there; it brought back memories of the years when I rode the trains during childhood and early marriage.

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