Thursday, November 10, 2005

Behind The Scoreboard
By Claude Vinson

NFL races

It is now approaching week 10 in the NFL. Do you know where your team is? Actually the records reflect week nine but the first game which was played before the initial start-up weekend makes the next weekend of play the 10th. Make sense? Don’t worry, I don’t understand it either.

Anyway it is sliced, the regular season is still half over. The teams are very much aware that the scramble is on to see who will be crowned next. At this point the weakest division in either Conference has the defending champions. It probably doesn’t mean a whole lot but if my Kansas City Chiefs were in the American East at 5-3, they would be leading the division. Hmmm.

We’ll just savor that beautiful prospect for a moment and move on to more pressing, er, considerations. Just consider for a brief spell that the Indianapolis Colts, who are as yet undefeated in the American South were to, say, win everything American and end up facing a National East leading New York Giants team, which at 6-2 with an impressive win over the San Francisco 49ers, is fast becoming one to reckon with. We’ll stop abruptly here and allow you to do your own musings.

The Chiefs, admittedly, play in one of the strongest divisions in the League, but the way they have been cooking lately they might want to consider a name change to the Kansas City Chefs. However, there won’t be any wishful predictions at this point, because there is too much season left.

A couple of weeks ago, I would have included the Eagles in the list of high hopefuls, but T.O. has been at it again. His future with the Eagles is about to evaporate. He is serving a four-game suspension which is costing him $200,000 per. He was not available for Sunday’s game which was lost 17-10 to Washington. That moved the Redskins one game above the Eagles.

The game of week nine (or 10, whatever) was to be played on Monday night between the Colts and the Patriots. The only undefeated quarterback of the season will be going against the, arguably, best quarterback in the League. Peyton Manning has never beaten the reigning champs in six tries. Tom Brady and the rest of the bunch are trying to pull their season to the .500 mark. I am sure that a certain New York Giants quarterback by the name of Eli will be on hand to see if the Colts remain undefeated.

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