Thursday, November 3, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones


• We finally heard from Christine again. For those of you who either don’t remember, or didn’t read about it after Hurricane Katrina, Christine has been my daughter’s closest friend since they were in elementary school in Memphis.

When Katrina hit, Christine and Gramma were supposed to come to our house. At 2 a.m. that Monday morning, they got lost in Jackson and went west instead of north and finally ended up in Shreveport, La.

At first, Christine was fairly optimistic. And Gramma even wanted to look at houses in Shreveport.

But Gramma, who was well into her 70s or 80s, got sick while living in the shelter. She went to the hospital, came back to the shelter for a bit and if I understood the sequence right even went to the apartment Christine had found in Roscoe, Texas.

But Gramma just didn’t get better. When Christine and I talked, we both said that being elderly and the shock of losing the home Gramma had lived in most of her life was just probably more than her spirit could take. Gramma, despite being a feisty, active “older” woman, just gave up.

Gramma passed away Oct. 12. Christine is now completely alone in a strange place with virtually no family left (both her parents are also deceased).

So as soon as everything is settled with Gramma’s estate and the house in New Orleans, or rather what’s left of the house in New Orleans, is cleaned out and sold, Christine is coming to live with us.

We may not be related by blood, but as my friend Jane is fond of saying “she’s related by heart.”

We’ve been Christine’s second family since childhood. Now, we’re almost her only family.

And I’ll be so glad to get her home where she belongs!

• Our quilt show sounds like it’s coming together nicely! I’ve gotten very excited about it and so have the wonderful folks at the Extension office.

Janet Jolley and I talked last week and made basic plans and they sound good!

We’re hoping to have lots and lots of quilts (call me [252-4261] or Janet [252-3541] for information on exhibiting a quilt) and we’re in the process of asking permission from a local church to use their fellowship hall during Pilgrimage to have the quilts displayed then.

If you have a quilt that you’d loan us for exhibition, we’d sure like to see it! Doesn’t matter if it’s just finished or antique, just as long as it’s homemade -- machine or hand pieced or appliqued or whatever!

We’ve already had several kind offers and I’m really anxious to see all the quilts.

There will be a Viewer’s Choice Award given also! More later as plans are finalized...

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