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Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Jac-Tyler Jenkins honored with Halloween party celebrating his 5th birthday

We send our love and sympathy to Mary Jo McCallum in the recent death of her sister, Bobbie Hall, age 78, of Burnette, Texas. She was a patient of a nursing home.

Doris Goode and Jerry Vanzant (sisters) were honored on their recent birthdays (same time in October) by family members, Norma Rogers of Tupelo, Terry and Jane Goode of New Albany, Karen and Terry Crane of New Albany, and Blake and Christy Puryer and two sons of Florence, Ala.

Sunday guests of Evelyn Bready and Doris Goode were their sister, Ann Mann of Memphis; Joan Potts of Olive Branch; Tommy and Shirley Bready of Covington, Texas.; Pam Qualls of Saltillo; and Jerry Vanzant (their sister). They live on Old 78.

Holley Muraco, who grew up in Potts Camp, works as a marine biologist at the Mirage Dolphin Habitat in Las Vegas, Nev. Her main research projects include studies in bottlenose dolphin physiology. She works with other dolphin aquariums around the world to help better understand dolphin biology. She recently presented her work at the Dolphin Neonate and Reproduction Symposium in Indianapolis, Ind. She is currently enrolled in a master’s degree program at Mississippi State University in Animal Physiology and plans to attend vet school in the future. Holley is the daughter of Mitch and Jeanette Stone of Potts Camp.

Jac-Tyler Jenkins celebrated his 5th birthday Saturday night with a Halloween party, along with his family and lots of friends and some classmates from school. They enjoyed the bonfire and especially the hayride. He is the son of Heather and Perry Pipkin.


When the curtain falls at the close of the day, there are no reruns in life’s drama, so live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment.

1. Praise the Lord, and thank Him for all His blessings!

2. Help those in need, be kind and loving and pray for the sick and lonely.

3. Put God first in your life, and He will bless you!

4. Make someone happy and you will be happy too.

5. Music is one of God’s special blessings! It gives people hours of enjoyment, especially the hymns; they bring us closer to the Lord.

6. God is just a prayer away. God answers prayers!

7. Poem
Love found a way to redeem my soul
Love found a way to make me whole
Love sent my Lord to the cross of shame
Love found a way, O praise His holy name

8. Prayer
Lord, let me be a shining light, in all I say and do
Fill my heart with love for others, so I can live like you
For Christ sake

Happy birthday to Jacob (Jake) G. Hollingsworth on his birthday, Nov. 1. He is Danny and Elizabeth’s youngest son.

Happy birthday to Wade Murphy on Nov. 2, to Bill Wilson on Nov. 4 and Rodney Whaley on Nov. 5, to Brandon Wilson on Nov. 6, also happy birthday to Amanda Whaley Smith on Nov. 6, and Tracy Sanderson Nov. 6, and to Craig Gurley on Nov. 7. Happy birthday to Liesa G. Blond, my granddaughter on Nov. 8 (she is Betty and David Greer’s daughter), and Martha Hollingsworth (Jimmy’s wife) on Nov. 8.

We are thankful that Linda Byers received a good report when she visited her doctor after having recent surgery.

A.G. Maxey is in a serious condition after recent surgery. Pray for him. A.G.’s wife, Betty Maxey, is doing well after her recent surgery.

A woman searching for family history stopped at the school. Lela Hale, a teacher, sent her to me. Her name is Mary Box from Ripley. I called Annie Ruth Stone, and it seems Mary Box’s mother-in-law, who is deceased, was Annie Ruth’s dad Sidney Holley’s sister. She was a sweet lady!

The daughter of Jimmy and Martha, Tracy Pipkin and husband Bobby visited me on Wednesday. She brought me a cute Halloween doll; they were enroute to Memphis for a doctor’s appointment. The couple lives in Saltillo but work in Tupelo.

Prayer list: Roy Foote, Betty Lou Maxey, A.G. Maxey, Donna Marett, Jean Derryberry, Willie Miller, Evelyn Bready, Mary Jo McCallum, Pauline Hutchens, Ollie Mansel, Lena Faye Work, Betty Fincher, Martha Ross, Adelle Hudson, Dudley Thompson, Juanita Howell, Dene Randolph, Maxine Potts, Dovie Humphrey, Lucille Hutchens, Rickey Clayton.

Did you ever go down into a dirt storm cellar with a wooden door over it? My grandparents, who lived next door to us in the late ’20s and early ’30s, built one in their back yard.

If it thundered twice our parents would take us down the dirt steps and then closed the door. We could hear the rain and falling limbs outside. I felt like a trapped rat. James and I would hide if a cloud came up, but Daddy always found us and made us go there. One day we saw Grandpa Potts bring out a dead snake from the storm house, so we stopped going there.

In 1929 during the Christmas season, I ran over to see my grandmother, and when I looked out her large window, I almost fainted, only smoking bricks were standing where our large two-story Methodist Church once stood. Grandma said, “Didn’t you hear all the noise in town last night?” I ran home to tell my parents. We didn’t have a fire department at that time. We are thankful for our fire department today, and the brave men who are members.

Robert Greer, banker, and the other businessmen in town had the church fully insured, so the building was rebuilt, almost like the other one, and each family bought a pew; they have been renovated, but are still being used today. Our Sunday school and church services were moved to the new Potts Camp School; it was built in 1925, after the two-story one burned in 1924.

Other tables, desks and important items were needed for the church, so the new pastor, Bro. Lester Jones, planned a play for the young people to make money for the church. (He was also our eighth grade forestry teacher and took us on field trips. We carried the play to Waterford School, where Bro. James was the pastor of the church before moving to Potts Camp, then on to Ashland, and we showed it in Potts Camp twice. Waterford doesn’t have a school now. I don’t know how much money we made, but we had a lot of fun that summer.

Rosalie James was my friend; we were the same age. I helped her babysit.

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