Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lois Swanee
Museum Curator

Ghost stories for the Halloween weekend

Once upon a time, right here in Marshall County, there was a beautiful young couple. They had not been married long when she died.

Every day she would come out for air, in her spirit form. She would see different people as they visited the cemetery, but her handsome husband never came to her grave.

One day he did come and she came out and their eyes met. When he saw her, he nearly fainted and ran the other way. He looked back and their eyes met again. He never returned.

In Early Grove, there was another young couple and he died suddenly. Every day the wife would go to the cemetery to visit her husband’s grave. She was talking to him, thinking he could hear.

One early spring day she went to the cemetery to plant some flowers on his grave. She took a trowel to dig in the earth. While digging, she was talking to him about how she missed him. She started crying. The wind came up and was blowing rain. She stuck the trowel in the earth and decided she needed to go home.

When she attempted to rise, she was held fast to the grave. She was frightened and attempted to rise again, but couldn’t. She thought her husband was pulling her into the grave.

After the rainstorm, people found her with the trowel tightly holding her skirt to the earth. She had died of fright.

At another time, I was ill with the vapors and had to go to bed about seven in the evening. My bedroom was in the front of the house. My family was in the kitchen in the back of the house.

I was just drifting off to sleep when I saw the door to my bedroom slowly open. In came an old-fashioned man, dressed in clothing of a hundred years ago. I was so scared I couldn’t speak.

When he started to turn toward me, I let out a loud scream and my family came running. I was screaming “that man, that man!”

But there wasn’t any man, he had evaporated!

I was scared to death and I guess the old man was also, as I never saw him again.

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