Thursday, October 27, 2005

Behind The Scoreboard
By Claude Vinson

Can it get any better?

Would you all believe that I have just figured out a sure fire way to help the Kansas City Chiefs win a football game?

First, you have a hurricane like, say, Wilma, threaten to cancel the usual Sunday game. Then you hastily move the date of the contest to Friday. Same venue, different time.

And, of course, you would have to add to that the fact that the Chiefs had to cancel their last practice before the game. And, naturally, they don’t keep bags packed for just such a contingency, so they rushed to the airport and arrived six short hours before game time.

They went on to catch the Dolphins flatfooted in their own arena and downed them 30-20.

The entire Chiefs team was in top form. The Chiefs completed the entire ordeal in 17 hours. They are now 4-2 while sending the Dolphins to 2-4. And 4-2 is not a bad place to be at this point in the season.

They have the San Diego Chargers next Sunday. Now all one has to do is conjure a hurricane for California!

And speaking of a good place to be, if you were a Rebel, Tide or Tiger fan this past weekend, you were definitely in a good place.

Oops. Almost left out the White Sox fans. Of course, at one time fans of that particular Chicago team were almost as scarce as hens’ teeth. But that is another story.

The Tide outlasted the Vols to protect their unblemished record and the ole alma mater got the win in the Southeastern Conference, which they really needed, over Kentucky.

For a while there, things seemed to be going too good, especially after the Eagles and Chargers’ National Football League game on Sunday afternoon turned out to be so thrilling.

Just when the Eagles were facing annihilation, Quentin Michales blocked a Chargers’ kick and Matt Ware ran it all the way for Philadelphia.

One just has to say “enough!” Can it get any better than this?

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