October 20, 2005

Carey Chapel & Mt. Pleasant News
Allene Teel

Annie Cook honored on birthday

A large crowd attended the Fall Festival at the Mt. Pleasant gazebo Saturday, October 8. The festival was hosted by the United Methodist Church.

Barbara Ellis’ family visited her over the week-end to celebrate her birthday. They all attended the Ole Miss football game. Barbara reports they had a wonderful time.

The family of Annie Cook honored her on her 82nd birthday with all the birthday trimmings. A host of family and friends attended the celebration, on October 8, at the home of Ted and Linda Bell. 

Christine McCandless had a heart catherization on Thursday. My prayer for her is that everything will be okay. Remember to lift Christine up.

Helen Gregory will enter the Baptist Hospital, in Collierville, on Tuesday for surgery. A get well wish is sent to her.

In celebration of Barbara Ellis’ birthday, Ailee Coopwood, Dixie Bumpas, Barbara Ellis and I enjoyed lunch at the Silver Caboose Restaurant, in Collierville, on Monday. After lunch we traveled to The Olive Branch Bakery for our dessert. We had a wonderful time.

Amanda McClure visited several days with her sister recently.

Glenwood Cothern from Clear Creek visited Floy Wilson, Howard Gardner and myself one day last week.

A large crowd enjoyed homecoming at Carey Chapel Baptist Church on Sunday, October 16.

Elaine Goode, from Dallas Texas, spent the week-end with Arnold and Kathy Goode. She also visited with her mother, Mable Paton, at Trinity Mission, in Holly Springs.

I Remember

During my growing up years on a small farm, I have many memories. Some are good, some are bad. We didn’t have the opportunities as kids do these days. Times were hard, but we were happy for what little we had. 

As the old saying goes, “a lot of water has run under the bridge” since I was a girl growing up. I still don’t know, to this day, how Daddy made a living on those many hillsides. He had five acres that were flat and we called them “the old flat.” Today there are beautiful homes built on those hillsides. They have paved roads and electricity. We didn’t have all those conveniences. I’ve seen Daddy work hard, and so did we, to make a living. We never went hungry and always had clothes on our backs.

We lived a mile off the main road. There was no gravel on the road, just dirt. I remember Daddy building the road from our house to the main road. He used mules and a scoop. After a big rain places of the road would wash out. It didn’t seem to bother Daddy. He would take his mule and scoop and go repair the damage. We kids had to walk that mile to catch the school bus. Some days were pretty; some were bad.

After much work on the inside and out the old school building is still being used in Mt. Pleasant today. It is occupied by the Head Start children. I see it every Sunday when I go to church across the street. Sometimes I look across the street and think of all the good memories I have in that old building. I guess that is what you call the “good old days.”

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