October 20, 2005

Behind The Scoreboard
By Claude Vinson

George, I’m sorry

First, let me make one thing perfectly clear (wasn’t that phrase used by someone else some years ago?), I didn’t jinx the New York Yankees.

I said that I would not watch the game and I did not. OK, OK, I did sneak a quick peek just before the game ended. And in my own defense, I thought the game was already completed when I switched channels.

You all know the rest, how the Angels used their wings to send the Yanks into the night of defeat and George Steinbrenner to “no comment.” That’s unlike A Rod, the quarter of a billion dollar wonder who apologized for what he termed his sub-par performance throughout their series. George, like your pearl of great prize (price, actually), I am sorry. I thought it was a lock for the Yanks.

Apologies seemed to have been the order of the day for teams at a lot of levels. Super “O” made contrite comments to the Oxford fans after the unranked Rebels took the Crimson Tide right down to the mud hole.

I readily admit that I had my reservations about this match-up at this stage of the SEC campaign. The way the Tide has been taking care of business thus far has been awesome.

Coach Orgeron stated that the field goals which his kickers missed were inexcusable. That may very well be, but the overall performance which his team turned in is most worthy of admiration. And I think the Coach was trying to tell all of us that, ironically, it was a field goal that took the win from the Rebels in the final seconds.

The Tide will probably stay put at the number six position in the national rankings. Barry (our editor/publisher), who is a USDA, grade A certified, dyed in the wool, Alabama fan, had asked me on Friday if I thought the Rebels would be a fair test for his team. I told him “no,” alluding to the Tide’s unblemished start. Actually, I think Mr. Burleson has a soft spot for Ole Miss!

The other game of wonderment was the one between Notre Dame and USC. Can’t anything (or any team) stop this runaway stagecoach? Frankly, I just can’t see it.

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