October 20, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

It’s beginning

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...”

Do you realize that there are only eight weeks left until Christmas? Have you started shopping and planning yet? I haven’t.

I haven’t even started really planning Thanksgiving yet.

My granddaughters think I’m crazy because Thanksgiving is far and away my favorite holiday of the year.

Almost every year as many of our family as can gather at my house for the Thanksgiving feast. This year, both my brothers, along with my niece, her husband and three children will be there, unless I can talk more into coming.

There’s just something wonderful about everyone crammed into my kitchen, which is way too small, and cooking and talking and tasting all at the same time.

Pop has developed a wonderful habit over the years — he follows behind me washing pots and pans. Trust me, that is an invaluable service when you’re cooking in a kitchen not really big enough to be a closet, let alone a kitchen!

As much as I enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas is coming soon! I know, because Nutcracker rehearsals started almost a month ago.

The Binkster has “danced” in her dance school’s production of Nutcracker for three years. In this, her fourth appearance, she is thrilled because she is dancing two parts — a Candycane and one of Clara’s attendants.

Gremlin, the little sister, won’t dance. Period. She says it’s “dangerous.” You might hurt your pinkies or something (this is the same child that swings upside down and chases horses in the pasture and has no fear at all of carnival rides).

For me, one of the best things about Christmas is the Nutcracker — the one Binky “stars” in and the Russian Ballet Company production. We try very hard to see that production every year also.

Binky’s dad has promised to come and see her this year — all the way from South Dakota. And her paternal grandmother is going to try and come from California.

She is in dance heaven!

• How many in the county would be interested in helping with a quilt exhibit? Janet Jolley, Mary Minor and the MHV members at the MSU Extension Service (and I) think it would be a great idea to showcase that art form in our county.

I’ve also talked to several ladies who have antique quilts they would be willing to loan us for display.

If you’d like to be part of this event, please call Janet or Mary at 252-3541 or me at 252-4261.

Naturally, I’m very excited about this. I just happen to absolutely love quilts and quilting!

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