Thursday, October 13, 2005

Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Henderson family reunion held

The annual Clayton reunion was held Saturday, Oct. 1 at the home of Susie and Don Hill, with 45 members attending. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Clayton and some of his family were vacationing in the northeast states, so they missed it. The Claytons had a wonderful reunion.

John Floyd came back to his hometown on business. His mother was the late Willa Floyd, a member of the John Jones family. We miss Willa from our church and town.

Minnie Lee Maxey, wife of A.G. Maxey, entered the hospital in Memphis for surgery this week; her sister came to take her to the hospital. Say a special prayer for her.

Thanks to Bobby and Katie Smithwick for the delicious food they brought me from the Potts Camp Methodist Church breakfast on Saturday morning.

Bernice Young’s daughter, Martha Ross of Byhalia, and her niece, Sharon Graddy, spent Sunday with her. They enjoyed lunch together, then shopped at Wal-Mart.

Charles Henderson and his brothers and one sister, Donald Henderson, Winkie Henderson and Becky Love (she lives in Pontotoc) and children and grandchildren of the Henderson family members met on Sunday, Oct. 2 at Wall Doxey State Park for a reunion. This was their first reunion in a long time.

Blue Mountain College’s formal dinner was held Saturday, Oct 9. Brooke Hale invited Betty and Knowlton Shaw, Ervin Smith, along with her family, Kerry, Lela, Haven and Alana Hale. Renee Edlin invited her family, including Ann Edlin. Blue Mountain College faculty are also honored guests at each junior’s table.


I. In God’s eyes, every person is important; He sent His son to die for all of us. Help us to remember that He values every single life.

II. Corinthians 13:13 says “There are three things that remain, faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.” Without love nothing else matters.

III. Put God first in your life, and love your neighbor as yourself.

IV. Kneeling at the altar
I had a burden in my heart
It weighed so much right from the start
The Spirit’s peace made it depart, I left my burden there.
I doubted all the coming days, with atom bombs and future haze
Can Satan triumph in his ways?
I left my doubt there.
I felt while kneeling down in prayer,
His Holy presence bright and fair.
My fears, my doubts, my great despair.
I left them all right there.

—Lindy’s Newsletter

“Search me, O Lord, and know my heart; try me and know my thoughts; and see if there be any wicked ways in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” Psalm 139:23-24

My granddaughter, Sonya Kidd of Pass Christian, wrote about trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina. She said it would take years, but they were better off than most people; they still have a home. Her husband Greg’s job may be moved to Washington, DC, and he will have to move there for six to nine months.

Happy birthday to Margaret Wilson on Oct. 10; to Margaret Gurley Hart on Oct. 11 and to Jerry Vanzant and her sister, Doris Goode on Oct. 13, also to Beth Potts on Oct. 13 (she is my nephew Dean Potts’ wife), and to Madisyn Paula Cobb on Oct. 13.

Happy birthday to Bobby Smithwick on Oct. 15 and my special friend, Iva B. (Brownlee) Smith on Oct. 16.

Happy birthday to my son, Danny Hollingsworth on Oct. 18, to Bradd Farr on Oct. 18, and Claire (Edwards) Harper on Oct. 18; to Joshua and Jeremy Green (twins) on Oct. 19; and happy birthday to Marla (Canerdy) Horne on Oct. 19.

We send our love and sympathy to the family and friends of Mary Lee Barker, age 94, in her recent death. She was a member of a large Cox family. We loved her and her family.

Prayer list: Minnie Lee Maxey, Evelyn Bready, Donna Marett, Juanita Howell, Maxine Potts, Ladine Randolph, Adelle Hudson, Dorothy Forester, Tilden Ash, Mary Lois Gurley, Ollie Mansel, Pauline Hutchens, Roy Foote, Betty Fincher, Joan Gurley, Donald Armstrong.


One of the most interesting people who has written to me over the years about finding his family was a 70-year-old man from Texas. His mother grew up here, then married a man named Palmer and they moved away.

In his second letter he told me that he was a black man and was in service in Memphis at one time; he always wanted to come to Potts Camp.

My late friend, Evelyn (Howell) Hudson became very excited when I told her about Rollison’s letter. His mother was a sister to Evelyn’s dad, Sam Howell, and she had married and moved away many years ago. No one knew where she was.

I wrote Mr. Rollison and told him that I had found his family, and sent him some pictures and information about Potts Camp.

We had celebrated our 100th birthday in 1988, so I had many pictures to mail him. El, as we called her, called Mr. Rollison and he sent her money for the calls. He sent nice pictures of his family also.

Later, his daughter, Gloria Jean Cleaver of Texas, came to Memphis to a revival with a friend, and they came to see me. I had just returned home from church, so I fixed their lunch. We couldn’t find El; she was at St. Mary’s Church.

I continue to receive Christmas cards from Gloria Jean; she was really nice. She sometimes tells me about her dad; in her last letter, she asked me to pray for him, so he may be deceased.

One day I looked out the window; a line of cars was parked in front of my house, and El was at the door.

Women started jumping out of the cars and running up on the porch shaking my hand and some hugging me. They were having a reunion and they wanted to thank me for helping them find their family, the Howells. Mr. Rollison sent his blessings; I’ll never forget that day; all of them waved good-bye to me.

All of Sam Howell and Rosa’s children are gone; my friend, El Hudson, died last year. I miss her. Others were Jimmy Howell, Louise Scott, and Pearl Street. Pearl’s husband, Sid Street, was killed when a train hit the car he was riding to St. Mary’s Church in Potts Camp. Pearl was cafeteria manager at Holly Springs School for many years.

I think everyone here loved Sam Howell, especially the children he let ride in his wagon every day.

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