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Potts Camp News
Dale Hollingsworth

Bro. Steve and Pat Wilson attend European Missions conference

A large crowd attended the Stone reunion at Wall Doxey Park on Sunday, Sept. 25. Several relatives were unable to attend because of the recent hurricane. From Memphis came Ronald, Cheryl and Hal Stone, also Mae Wynn Wren and granddaughter, Mary Margaret Brewer.

T.M. and Annie Ruth Stone and family all attended, including Tommie and Gale Goode of Greenwood, Tim and Cherrie Shaw and family of Waterford; Jack and Pebble Gadd and children of Hickory Flat; and Mitch Jr. and Jeanette Stone. It was a wonderful day!

Verla Mae Stanton stopped for a visit with me on Sunday afternoon from Hickory Flat. I was glad to see her; she brought news for the paper.

Joyce Clayton’s daughter, Merion and David Hunsucker of Ashland, visited Joyce and Joel on Sunday afternoon.

A prayer breakfast was held on Saturday morning, Oct. 1 at Potts Camp Methodist Church with many members attending. The men cooked the food.

Bro. Steven and Pat Wilson just returned from a weeklong trip to Norway and Holland. They attended a European Missions conference, and also were able to do some sightseeing in the two countries.

The Stanton reunion was held on Saturday, Sept. 17 at Bethlehem Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, located on Overton Rd. (in the gym). A huge crowd attended; between 150 to 200 people came from as far away as Seattle, Wash.; California; Arkansas; Tennessee and all over Mississippi. They had a wonderful day!

Happy birthday to Michelle Randolph on Oct. 2, to Jimmy Hollingsworth and Preston Poole on Oct. 3 and to Rebecca Colhoun on Oct. 1; also to Ralph Bridges on Oct. 3. Happy birthday to Joe Dickey on Oct. 4, to James Dean Potts (my nephew at Hernando) on Oct. 5.

Happy birthday to Whittney and Brittany Bridges (twins) on Oct. 9. They are daughters of Ralph and Candy Bridges.

Get well wishes to Jimmy’s mother-in-law, Mrs. Hawkins of Hamilton, who fell recently and broker her wrist. She has returned home from the hospital. She is a 90-year-old friend.

Joan Gurley, who had knee surgery recently, has returned home from the hospital and is doing well; we are thankful!

Billie Baum, a former Potts Camp resident who lives in Saltillo, also had recent knee surgery. Get well wishes to her. (We love Joan and Billie.)

Please pray for Donald Armstrong, father-in-law of pastor Don Newton. Mr. Armstrong is recuperating from a serious operation.

I. An artist sought to paint the most beautiful picture in the world. He asked a church pastor, “What is the most beautiful picture?” He answered, “Faith, all our churches have it.” The artist searched further and found a young bride; he asked her the same question. “Love” was her answer, without it there is no beauty. Going further he asked a young soldier the question and “peace” was his answer. “Faith, love and peace, how can I paint these?” he wondered. Entering his home he found faith in his children’s eyes, love in the eyes of his wife and there in his home was the peace that faith and love brought. So he painted the most beautiful picture in the world, and when he finished, he called it “Home.”

—(Newspaper clipping 1980)

II. Life is God’s gift to us, how we live it is our gift to Him.

III. To know love, open your heart to Jesus; to show love, open your heart to others.

IV. Stay in touch with God through prayer, day and night. Prayer changes things!

Dear God,
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
In Jesus’ name,

I called Danny after I heard about the recent tornado in Starkville; it did not hit in the part of town where they live, but did a lot of damage to trailers where the students live.

I also called Jimmy in Tupelo; he and Martha were going to a baseball game at Saltillo where their grandson, Alex Griffin, plays. So Jimmy is feeling better; I am thankful.

Mary Jo McCallum’s son, Major Earl McCallum, and his wife visited his mother last week. She wasn’t expecting them at that time. It was a pleasant surprise.

Prayer list: Joan Gurley, Billie Baum, Davis Jo Humphrey, Minnie Lee Maxey, Martha Ross, Jean Derryberry, Dudley Thompson, Willie Miller, Dene Randolph, Adelle Hudson, Juanita Howell, Ollie Mansel, Lena Faye Work, Ann Feathers, Mary Jo McCallum, Terrell Lowery, Lillie Mae Ford, Dorothy Forester, Lucille Hutchens, Evelyn Bready, Betty Fincher, Mr. Armstrong, Tilden Ash.


(More Ads)

1. O.B Williams — Potts Camp Livery and Feed Stable. Your patronage is appreciated.

This business was located on Center St. where Robbie Taylor had her cafe for many years.

Mr. Williams rented a horse and buggy to people who arrived by train, and didn’t want to walk the half mile to Eagle Springs or other places.

2. You will find Brown’s Barber Shop clean and up to date. Clothes cleaned and pressed — you will be pleased. Give me a trial. Goode Brown, Potts Camp.

3. D.L. Franklin — Potts Camp

If you want your horse shod correctly, and first class work done, come see me.

I remember Mr. and Mrs. Franklin. They were members of the Christian Church; it was located on Church Street, across the road from the new Baptist Church. It was a white frame church with a high steeple. Mr. Franklin was one of the men who had Dr. Lowdy behind the church trying to make him change the way he preached. The revival was moved to the new (about 1925) Potts Camp School Auditorium that night. Dr. Lowdy told about the atom bomb.

4. J.R. Taylor — Potts Camp

General Merchandise, cotton and cotton seed buyers. I handle first class merchandise and groceries and buy country produce.

I loved Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, whose store was on Front Street. They had a lovely home (still standing). At Christmas time they always had hot cocoa for us and a warm fire when we went caroling. Their daughter, Sue Taylor, married Dr. Grant and they moved to Holly Springs.

5. If you are particular about what you wear, if you want to be dressed in the newest and latest you will surely find it at I.C. Levy, Holly Springs.

The store windows always had lovely dresses in them. We always enjoyed visiting there (if we could afford it). I’ve bought several coats there.

6. F.P. Boatner, M.D.

Office over Brownlee Store, Potts Camp

We knew and loved Dr. Boatner; Floy Ash lives in the lovely home he built (our neighbor) on Church Street. He was the second Potts Camp doctor, and he spent most of his time helping the sick.

He was a state senator two times in the ’20s.

(Although he was an old man when I was a child, I remember him well.)

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