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Dale Hollingsworth

Wall Doxey State Park setting for Stone family reunion September 25

During the recent terrible Hurricane Katrina, many people came north, some of them to Potts Camp. Floy Ash had her daughter, Liesa and Mike Weaver of Petal, and her daughter, Anna Beth and others visit her for about a week. Liesa’s son, Ashley and wife Farrah, and their 1-year-old son, Kristen, and Ashley and Anna Beth’s father, Cary McAlexander, all stayed at the home of Cary’s mother, Jean King and husband, Robert Hugh. Liesa grew up in Potts Camp, also Cary McAlexander and Paula. Later, Paula Smith and son Scott Brownlee visited her mother, Jean and R.H. King.

A mission conference was held at Temperance Hill Baptist Church from Wednesday, Sept. 17 through Sunday, Sept. 18, with five different mission families speaking, one each night. A large group of people attended the services.


My prayer

Dear Lord, I pray at the end of each day
You’ll find I’ve helped someone, somehow, some way.
That I’ve not failed by word or deed
To lighten the heart of someone in need;
Though my talents be few I pray that I can be a credit to you
For Christ’s sake

(Taken from Lindy’s newsletter)

1. We give of ourselves when we give gifts of the heart; love, kindness, joy, understanding, sympathy, and forgiveness.

2. We give of ourselves when we give gifts of the spirit: prayer, faith, beauty, aspiration.

3. Also when we give gifts of time, patience, attention, consideration.

4. And the gifts of work: encouragement, guidance, inspiration.

The finest gift man can give to his age and time is the gift of a constructive, creative life!

5. Happiness is something you may have for just a day, but you may never keep it, if you forget to give it away.

6. Christian love gives and forgives. Praise the Lord!

The Stone reunion was held at Wall Doxey Park on Sunday, Sept. 25, with a large group attending.

Tommy Bready of Covington, Tenn., visited his mother, Evelyn Bready on Tuesday. They are my friends. Mrs. Bready continues to be on the sick list. Please pray for her.

Joan Gurley is recuperating from recent knee surgery. Get well wishes to her, also Billie Baum, a former Potts Camp resident, had knee surgery recently. Say a prayer for both Joan and Billie Baum.

We were saddened by the recent death of a dear friend, Lucille B. Pierce, who lived to the age of 101. We send our sincere sympathy to the family. She died Sunday, Sept. 18 in New Albany. Services were held at First Baptist Church of Potts Camp with Bro. Jim Buchanan, Bro. Chuck Fowler and Bro. Eugene Blankenship officiating. Burial was in Potts Camp Cemetery. She leaves a very large family, including a son, David Bumpus of Nesbit; two daughters, Lena Westmoreland of Potts Camp and Mary Lois McCary of Myrtle, 13 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren, 36 great-great-grandchildren and four great-great-great-grandchildren.

Get well wishes to Pauline Hutchens, who had emergency surgery on one of her eyes; she will return soon for treatment on her other eye.

Happy birthday to Jesse Ash on Sept. 26; to Anthony Fincher on Sept. 27, also to Dean Randolph on Sept. 27; to John Nelson on Sept. 28; and to Jan Pipkin and Dorothy Frazer on Sept. 29, to Garrie Calhoun on Sept. 30.

Thanks to Terri Day Kitchens for the lovely fall flower arrangement she had sent to me.

Prayer list: Pauline Hutchens, Lena Faye Work, Martha Ross, Roy Foote, Ann Feathers, Adelle Hudson, Tilden Ash, Ollie Mansel, Jean Derryberry, Evelyn Bready, Fred Taylor, Dorothy Forester, Maxine Potts, Juanita Howell, Ladine Randolph, Mary Lois Gurley, Joan Gurley, Donald Armstrong (father-in-law of Pastor Don Newton).

As my mind wanders back to the year 1957, I remember Mary Ann Sowell, Danny’s first grade school teacher; she was the daughter of our dentist, Dr. Sowell of Holly Springs. By the end of the year, Miss Sowell had many of the students reading on a third-grade level; she taught phonics.

During the year, Mary Ann planned many trips for her class and their parents to the Memphis Zoo, Wall Doxey State Park and other interesting places. Randy Walker’s parents, Laxine and Randolph Walker) always invited us to ride with them. Among others in Danny’s class were Rodney Whaley, Betty Churchill, Pam Cooper, Judy Edwards, Truman Jarrett, Charles Boren, Bennie Clayton, James Newman, Henry Mansel, Tana Hatches and others.

Two small boys whose parents couldn’t come along with us got lost at the zoo. We were running everywhere trying to find them. Finally someone spotted them in the bird house, looking at the different colored birds. They didn’t know they were lost.

Miss Sowell also planned a program, using the children to act like famous actors and singers. It was wonderful! One little boy was Elvis Presley; others sang and danced, using their talents.

They repeated the program at several locations during the year.

Their second grade teacher was my special friend, the late Robbie Germany.

In the third grade, Rose Clara Jones, wife of Harry Jones, was their teacher. She made every class interesting for her students; they enjoyed her class.

One day, she realized that most of them had never been on a train, so she planned a trip for them and some of the parents. Harry Jones was a former brakesman for the Frisco; he helped plan the trip.

Some of the parents drove the students to Holly Springs to board the train, and others picked them up in New Albany and drove them back to school. I was unable to join Danny and the others on the trip because I was working at the Potts Camp School, but I watched as the train passed through our town. Now Danny and Elizabeth have three teenage boys. One of them, Luke, entered Miss. State College this year. He plays in the college band.


The Bank of Holly Springs did not own the first bank in Potts Camp. Mr. A.Q. Greer Sr. owned and operated it, then passed it on to his son, Robert Greer, who died at age 50. (He requested that the bank be closed at his death.) That is when the Bank of Holly Springs opened and built a bank on Center St. (around 1950).

When the large new bank was built several years ago, the Bank of Holly Springs gave the former bank on Center St. to our town for a city hall, and the city hall became the Potts Camp Fire Department.

The first bank building was used by D. Wright Greer for an office to sell Greer & White Insurance until his death. (It has been demolished.)

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