Thursday, September, 22, 2005

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Allene Teel

Greens rejoice over birth of baby girl

The youth and their leaders, from First Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant, went to Memphis recently to assist the Red Cross in packing supplies for Hurricane Katrina victims on the coast.

Michael and Leah Green, of Potts Camp, are the proud parents of a baby girl who arrived at Baptist Hospital, New Albany, on September 13. She weighed seven pounds, four ounces and was 20 inches long. Her name is Morgan Elizabeth. She is welcomed home by big brother Wesley. Leah is my granddaughter. Grandparents are Johnny and Madge Winburn of Hickory Flat, and Jerry and Karen Green of Potts Camp. Great- grandparents are Allene Teel of Mt. Pleasant and Harvey and Mary Green of Louisville, Ky.

Jim Rich is a patient at Baptist Hospital, Memphis. A get well wish is sent to him.

Ailee Coopwood, Barbara Ellis and Helen Haffey had lunch at Pepper’s last Tuesday. Afterwards they shopped at the Wolf Chase Mall. 

Kathy Goode and I visited my new great-granddaughter, in Potts Camp, last Thursday. She is precious with lots of dark hair.

Bro. Eddie Holmes and daughter Melissa, from Jackson Tenn., visited FBC, Mt. Pleasant recently. Bro. Eddie is a former pastor.

Elaine Goode, from Dallas, Texas, visited Arnold and Kathy over the weekend. She came to visit his mother Mable Paton, who is a resident at the Trinity Mission Nursing Home in Holly Springs.

My 11th Day of Vacation

It is time, once again, to be on the road. It is Tuesday, July 5, and we are headed back home to Mississippi. Bill had said his goodbyes the night before because he gets up early and leaves for work. At 7:45 a.m. we follow Laura to the day school where Corinne spends her day. It is hard to say goodbye. We have had such a wonderful visit. But, you know all good things must come to an end. After hugs and kisses in the parking lot Corinne goes inside. We followed Laura to where we needed to enter the highway and waved goodbye again. We head south on Highway 101 out of Salinas.

Along the highway we see lots of workers in the fields picking all kinds of vegetables. It is cool here, probably 60 degrees. It is always cloudy every morning when the fog comes in off the ocean. After the fog and smog disappear the sky is pretty and blue.

Every so often along the highway we see little bells on tall poles on the side of the road. We talked about the bells, but we could never come up with an answer as to why they were there.

A big surprise for me was to see so many oil wells in California. They were along the road pumping their black gold.

After leaving Highway 101, at Paso Robles, we head east on Highway 46 across the Cholame Hills and through beautiful valleys with many grape vineyards and wineries. There are signs along the road that advertise wine tasting. Kathy wanted to know if I wanted to stop, but I told her to just keep driving. Further down the highway we passed groves and groves of nut trees. Kathy stopped at a local store to buy fresh nuts to take home to her husband. The store advertised that it was the last place James Dean stopped and shopped before his fatal car accident.

It was almost noon and we stopped at a local Taco Bell for lunch before heading towards Bakersfield, Ca. In this part of California there are many orange groves. After passing through Bakersfield, Kathy stopped at an orange grove and bought a box of fresh oranges to share with family and friends. There was a beautiful field of flowers that caught my eye near Bakersfield. I love flowers and they were plentiful in this area of the state.

There were signs all along the highway that posted, “No Littering, $1000 fine.” Maybe if our litter law in Mississippi was this strict our highways would be cleaner.

We saw many tall, wide span wind mills on the hill tops that generate electricity for the people living in the valleys .

After leaving the Bakersfield area we head east on Highway 58 towards Barstow and Interstate 40. We are now in the edge of the Mojave Desert. There are lots of tall cactus and tumble weeds. At this time we were near Edwards Air Force Base.

We made a stop at the local Wal-Mart in Barstow to get gas and water. It was 105 degrees. You would be surprised at the number of people who live in the desert area. We continue to head east, but now we are on Interstate 40 which will take us all the way to Memphis. We continue through the hot Mojave Desert with its scrubby bushes and sand.

After a long day on the road we arrive in Needles, Ca., in the valley of the Sacramento Mountains and on the California - Arizona state line. I am tired, so we ordered pizza to eat in our room. Drake and Kathy enjoyed the evening in the hotel pool.

To date we have traveled 3,160 miles, but we are still a long way from home.

The 12th day of my vacation will be next week.

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