Thursday, September 1, 2005

Carey Chapel & Mt. Pleasant News
Allene Teel

Carey Chapel sends care boxes

As of August 10, the members of Carey Chapel Baptist Church have mailed 26 care boxes to soldiers in Iraq. They have received many letters from soldiers expressing their appreciation.

The youth and youth leaders, at Carey Chapel Baptist Church led in the worship service through a drama presentation Sunday evening, August 28.

Several in the community attended the Sunday School workers training, at Red Banks Baptist Church Saturday, August 27.

I am happy to report that Gene Edwards, Nadine Thompson, and Joyce Bumpas are home from the hospital. Keep these on your prayer list.

Those who visited me this week were Pasty Craft from Mt. Pleasant, Betty Skelton from Memphis, Florence Haley from Victoria, Madge Winburn from Hickory Flat, Carol Wells from Olive Branch and Zora Calder from Bartlett. Florence brought me pictures of my grandparents James Dudley Gardner and Cora Amanda Kelly Gardner. I was so proud to get them. Carol Wells, Zora Calder and I visited Richard and Dot Langston when they came on Saturday. We also visited Myrtis Todd.

My Seventh and Eighth Day of Vacation
As my great-granddaughter said, “Let’s get this party started.” My granddaughter’s husband Bill had prepared a delicious dinner for us. After dinner we caught Laura’s family up on our six days of traveling through eight states. We shared digital pictures with them and then called home. Digital cameras are nice, but cell phones are another great thing to have. We were able to call back to Mississippi several times a day keeping the family informed of our daily progress.

On my eighth day of vacation we stayed at home, rested, and caught up on our laundry while Laura and Bill went to work and Corinne went to day camp. Bill came home early with Corinne and cooked dinner for us. My granddaughter is blessed to have a husband who is such a good cook. We decided to take a quick run to see the Pacific Ocean. It was only 10 miles from Laura’s house. We drove the short distance and all we could see was a large, tall sand dune from where we parked. We got out of the car, followed the path, crossed over the sand dune and there it was in it’s vastness, the Pacific Ocean. It was very noisy as the waves rushed up the sandy beach. The sand dune had muffled the noise on the other side. There was a man fishing in the rough waves. There were sea otters swimming a short distance from shore. Far out on the water we could see sailboats. The evening breeze was cool. I was afraid to get too close as the waves seemed angry. We walked along the beach and I picked up several pieces of driftwood, wondering where they may have drifted from. I also found a few shells. We looked for sand dollars but had no luck except for a few broken ones. We left the ocean and Laura drove us around Salinas for a tour. On one side of town there were many fields. We saw acres and acres of vegetables, fruit groves and nut groves. We even saw some happy California cows (you know the TV commercial). I have always thought of California as a “movie star” state, but for the most part California is a farming state. Salinas has about 100,000 people. It is a beautiful town and home of novelist John Steinbeck.

On Saturday Laura had a big day planned for us. We drove to the beach boardwalk. I saw many houses built on the sides of the mountains. No wonder they slide down after a big rain. The beach boardwalk was very crowded and we could not find a place to park, so we decided to go to a roadside beach area that overlooked the ocean.

After laying out our blankets and eating our picnic lunch, Kathy said, “Mama, pull your shoes off and let’s go down and put our feet in the ocean.” Corinne and Drake were already having fun with several other children running into the water and then running from the waves.

We walked down into the water and stood with our feet in the water. It was very cold. A wave caught us unaware and got us wet up to our knees. The kids thought this was very funny.

Next week I will tell you about the rest of our time with Laura and her family.

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