Thursday, September 1, 2005

Close to Nowhere
By Linda Jones

Nashville cats

Perhaps as a harbinger to Katrina, Jane, Binky and I drove to Nashville very early Saturday morning in a torrential downpour.

Actually, nothing short of Hurricane Katrina would have kept us home! We were headed to a quilt show at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center.

We figured that four-hour drive (one way) was going to be well worth it. And we were right.

Since it was a one-day trip, Binky was coming with us — this was a trial trip for her — could she stand up to the intensive walking and looking (and shopping) as well as she thought she could.

She was as interested in the quilts as we were. She wasn’t quite as interested in the shopping, but she doesn’t understand “gadgets” yet, so there’s still hope there.

When Jane and I went to Paducah, I think one of my favorite “gadgets” was a bodkin. Jane bought it for me and at first, to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d do with it. Six months later, I do lots and lots of “things” with it. A bodkin is a very handy gadget to have!

Without the benefit of experience, I can’t say what I think the best gadget I bought in Nashville will be. I got a hand-held thimble that holds promise, but needs experimenting with; and a stiletto that I’m pleased with — but the thing I’m most excited about is a bottle of chemical stuff that you use to turn muslin into fabric you can print on. It involves soaking and freezer paper and might be complicated, but it’s very “promising!” We’ll have to see...

The gadgets are wonderful and we really enjoyed cruising up and down the vendor aisles, but the absolute best thing about a quilt show has got to be the quilts themselves.

The quilts in Nashville were as wonderful as I’d hoped they would be!

There were, of course, the traditional quilts (which I confess I like best); along with landscapes and animals galore.

The best one was a “celebrity” quilt, made by teachers and professional quilt makers. It was a full size woman in a red gown.

Truly, a picture is worth a thousand words...

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